Sun and earthThe following is an excerpt from Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s book, Chi Art: The Ultimate Feng Shui Solution. The book is filled with insightful teachings about chi and full-color paintings with art statements and poetry.

Eyes that can lift the veil of material illusion can uncover the path to oneness with the cosmos. In the cosmos, we exist in the solar system. The solar system is a scientific heaven guided by cosmic law and order. It juggles multi-dimensions, all kinds of energy, the quantity and constitution of molecules, atmospheres, and cycles. It regulates the survival and existence of all planets and the living conditions in which life on all planets must live and adapt.

The entire cosmic system is like a pregnant mother whose body is intuitively programmed to nourish the growth and development of her child. The mother’s heart pumps blood, her liver cleanses it, her lungs bring oxygen, and her tissues absorb enzymes and nutrients. There are billions of functions simultaneously occurring in her body that maintain, sustain and provide for her child. Her body is a complex life-giving organism.

The solar system is also a living organism. Like a mother, it is a vast, star-filled, divine power that has the will to survive and give life. It is maintaining our planet and our very lives. Everything that floats in its space has a purpose and will. Everything has life and soul because everything is made of energy - cosmic energy. Even a drifting cold asteroid is full of life. It is moving and affecting everything in its path, just like a single blood cell in the mother´s vein traveling towards her developing child.

Every microsecond, our planet is exposed to a vast variety of energies. The sun, moon, planets, and stars in all kinds of orbits, combinations, cycles, and orientations, create magnetic fields and forces of infinite proportions that affect the state of our planet.  These energy fields create super spectrums of light and color frequencies, ultraviolet rays, radiation, spatial energies, gravitational effects, and countless vibrations and currents.

These energy fields are invisible to human vision. We cannot see atomic particles, but we know they exist. It is common knowledge that our heavy flesh and bones are really made of spinning atoms. We cannot see gravity either, but its force exists all around us. We must believe it because we see its effect everywhere. Just because we cannot see physical life forms on Mars or the moon, it does not make them dead planets.  Many concepts and ideas are beyond common acceptance and comprehension. But unlike a drifting asteroid, we as humans, have been blessed with the power of awareness.

It is our awareness that gives us understanding that all forces are connected to our existence. The sun is a great force as we know it. Its system outputs light and warmth, creates metabolism, promotes growth, provides vitamins and a feeling of happiness. No human can exist without the sun. It turns leaves green, improves nutrition in plants, and ripens the fruit on trees. The sun physically warms our bodies and makes us feel happy and psychologically positive. It makes the moon and stars visible at night. It holds the planets in orbit. Without the sun, our world would be cold and icy. Because the sun is so powerful, our planet even has an ozone layer that acts as a natural sunscreen.

Astrologers, mystics, and sages of the past have also studied the phenomenon of sunspots, which are so powerful that they influence our planet on many levels.  Depending on when and where they occur, sunspots can promote prosperity or create disasters on Earth.

Like the sun, the moon has great energy as well, making an impact on everything around it. When the moon is full, the seas and oceans rise to meet it. When the moon is slim, the tide is low. The moon is a force. It not only affects gravity on earth with its magnetic field, but it also affects humans in subtle, undeniable ways. Like the oceans, the frequencies in us also rise to a full moon. Many experience heightened sexual urges, stronger metabolism and for women, heavier monthly flows. A full moon also affects spiritual and psychological dimensions. When the sky is illuminated by a bright moon, we can see in the dark. Our enhanced vision releases our fears of shadows and ghosts.  The moonlight can protect us from accidents and dark moods.

Planets and stars are forces, too. Their movements, arrangements or alignments have been charted for many years to predict fortune and events on earth that directly and indirectly affect us. For example, approximately every 20-year cycle, the US president has experienced a life-threatening experience or has actually died. As they did in the ancient past, advisors to powerful world leaders still use planetary movement to chart and predict the fortune or downfall of a nation, war, death, natural disasters, and economics all very effectively.

Certain potentialities or opportunities open up when stars are in specific configurations because they create portals to cosmic energies. But because the stars, the Earth, and humans are always moving, everything is always changing. It has been, and still is necessary, to record and study their movements, follow their patterns and document their effects on us.  If we can learn to read the signs created by celestial bodies and cosmic forces, we can - like a child understanding the instructions given by his caring mother - learn how best to live and use this information to our benefit.