Forest infused with sunlightThe following is an excerpt from Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s book, Chi Art: The Ultimate Feng Shui Solution. The book is filled with insightful teachings about chi and full-color paintings with art statements and poetry.

Our planet has force. Earth force has a great impact on us. It is the energy between humans and the environment. They interact mutually. When one is weak, so is the other. Our planet creates a sustainable environment for us. It provides us with building materials, food, oxygen, and other elements for energy. Everything of this planet has Earth force--the mountains, rivers, deserts, glaciers--they all release their own frequencies and energy and affect what they surround.

Earth force also works on a botanical level. Forests, jungles, grasslands, and gardens all yield energy. They purify the air, beautify the landscape, recycle materials, perpetuate life force and attract humans, animals and insects. Thus, our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, skyscrapers, freeways, bridges and so forth will be affected by everything with Earth force depending on their placement.

Even streets have Earth force. We have seen lanes meet in triangular patterns, circular roads and the more common square intersections. These angles and shapes affect the energy of persons living on these roads. Roads that meet at sharp triangular points tend to cause arguments and bad moods or aggression. Circular roads create an aura of happiness and harmony because they are smooth and round. Grid patterned streets exude strength and permanence because all angles are equal. By their inherent form, they emit the energies that are characterized by natural laws.

We, as humans, also make a great impact on Earth. When nature’s plants are replaced by "industrial plants"--such as factories, electric poles, telephone wires, nuclear reactors, slaughterhouses, and oil rigs--they pollute the air, land, and water, making the landscape gray and lifeless. We will undoubtedly feel these influences in our lives.

Beneath the Earth’s surface, underground forces are at work. For those living on pure and clean water sources, the effect is very positive. It is obvious in the good health of the people, animals, and vegetation. On the other hand, if the ground water is polluted with industrial wastes, making it poisonous, all that live off this water will eventually develop bone disease, mental problems, muscle atrophy, cell mutation, and cancers. The land becomes barren and animals do not make homes there. In the same effect, inhabitants living near or above radioactive ground also develop cancers, balding, and many other illnesses as well. As a result, something like pollution becomes an Earth force.

The risk of skin cancer has increased dramatically because of the damage humans have caused to the ozone layer. The risk of lung cancer has also increased because of fuel burning and factories. Even mad cow disease is the result of mistreatment of Earth’s creatures, such as in factory farming. This negative cycle is completed when we fall prey to our own lack of awareness.

All these Earth forces build up slowly and we deny their subtle symptoms immediately because we do not think of the future. Humans affect the Earth and we will have to live with the good and the bad consequences. How we choose to shape our planet will be how the planet shapes our future. Human force is similar to cosmic force--we have the ability to affect everything around us. If you yell at a plant everyday, it will die.  If you yell at your pet everyday, it will also die. But if you whisper loving words to your plant and pet everyday, they will grow stronger. Everything that has energy can release and absorb energy.

A mother can choose to starve her unborn child by not eating, but she has the will to live and she loves the child. The child survives because of her love and the mother survives because of love for child and life. Thus, human love creates life. A couple also creates children out of love. We are born with instincts to procreate when we love each other. In the same way, our planet exists because of cosmic order, which is governed by cosmic will and love. If the universe did not love, there would be no life. Since the universe created everything out of love, we too are made from love and therefore, have a natural need to give and receive love in order to survive. All things need love to survive and to reach their fullest potential.