Modern bedroomDuring the two years that Cee and her family lived in their condo, they suffered many devastating health problems. Cee intuitively felt that the balance was off in her family’s energy and called me to arrange a feng shui consultation.

Based on their birth dates, I discovered that the entire family belongs to the Western Direction Pattern, meaning their compatible orientations are west, northwest, northeast, and southwest. Cee’s condo is located on the west side of their building complex, and the living room, den, and both bedrooms are located on the west side of their unit. So far, the orientation is compatible to everyone in the family.

The master bedroom spans the northwest and north sectors, but the bed is located in the north sector, which does not match Cee and her husband. Sleeping in the north can bring a Western Direction Pattern person lawsuits, conflicts, and ailments related to the head, blood, or kidney.

To further the energy imbalance, the master bathroom is located in the northeast sector. The bathroom is often dark and damp, as it has no windows for natural ventilation and lighting. A negative energy such as a bathroom located in their positive northeast direction can cause allergies, lower back pains, and trouble with men outside the marriage. Cee confirmed that she and her husband are experiencing all of these problems.

Though all of the rooms on the west side are compatible to the whole family, they also have floor-to-ceiling windows that are heavily shaded by a dense growth of trees outside. The trees provide privacy, but they also block vital natural sunlight from coming into the rooms. A lack of natural sunlight lowers the immune system and living in darkness can cause depression and erratic behavior. The trees also collect dust, making them a big source of allergens.

Furthermore, this strong wood element located on the west side defeats the family’s earth and metal energies. Cee revealed that both of her children who sleep in these west side rooms suffer with psychological and immunity issues. So, even though the bedrooms are in compatible directions, the energies there are very weak.

Among the many feng shui adjustments I recommended, one of the priorities is for Cee to have the trees trimmed back to let in more natural light. It is also imperative for her to relocate her bed to the northwest side of the bedroom. Because every bedroom had a television placed directly in front of the bed, I recommended they be removed or unplugged prior to sleep. Chronic exposure to the television’s electromagnetic frequencies can lower the immune system and cause the mind to be fuzzy and tired.

Special crystals should be strategically placed in all of the bedrooms to enhance health energies, and positive images that reinforce the family’s well-being should be purposefully placed throughout the house. These are some changes that should help Cee’s family become healthier and more harmonized.