Drop of water on green leafWith busy lifestyles, many of us have little time or energy to take good care of ourselves.  This tends to get worse as it creates an endless cycle of feeling bad and not having the energy or motivation to do anything about it.  Many of us take our health for granted.

The body has natural ways of letting us know when it requires attention and nourishment.  The body does instinctual things to promote healing when it becomes ill, like crave certain foods and minerals, require more water, and demand more sleep.

Pain is also the body's way of telling us that something is wrong and must be fixed.  However, because of hectic schedules, we often turn to instant relief, such as aspirin, to soothe our aches.  In reality, we are only numbing the pain.  Over time, masking the symptom instead of treating the cause can have devastating results, for the problem still exists and can get worse.

Many things, such as stress, fatigue, poor diet, and bad circulation, can cause pain and illness.  Very often, pain comes from our environment.  For instance, headaches can result from consistent exposure to glare or high noise levels.  Allergies or chest congestion can arise from poor air quality.  Lower back pain and stiff joints can come from sitting too long in one position.  Sleeping in the wrong direction or spending long periods of time with someone who has conflicting energies may cause tiredness or emotional instability.

We each have a unique frequency that is sensitive to our physical surroundings.  Because you are so affected by the frequency of the environment, it is important to be aware of the effects your home and office have on your body’s energy.  When you are not physically well, you cannot focus or function at your full potential.  Your environment should be free of "dis-ease" and promote your health.  This way, you can progress in life.

The Earth's magnetic field plays a major role in regulating your bodily functions, so it is vital for you to absorb the earth's energy.  Because your house sits right on the earth, it absorbs the earth’s energy, which is then absorbed by each resident.  This means your house is an extension of your body.

When the energy in certain areas or directions of your house is interrupted or stuck, it can cause a chain reaction of negative effects that affects specific aspects of your well-being.  This is why it is important to sleep in a direction that allows you to be aligned with positive earth energy.  A feng shui master can analyze the specific directions that are positive and negative for you in your home, as well as recommend adjustments that can improve your well-being.

There are general negative environmental energies that you can adjust yourself that will increase your feeling of well-being.  For instance, avoid working or sleeping under an exposed beam.  Structural beams carry an energetic load and exert a suppressive force on the people underneath it.  The area of the body that is consistently under the beam is prone to stagnant energy and problems over time.  Also avoid having a television set in front of your bed.  Television emits high electromagnetic frequencies that are known to disrupt the neurohormones that regulate your body's cycles.  Maintaining a balance of natural light energy in your home and office keeps your immune system boosted.

These are just a few of the many ways you can adjust your environment to interact in a positive way with your personal frequency.  Your environment is an integral part of your well-being, and like preventive medicine, you can create homes and offices that not only prevent you from getting sick, but promote your health and success in life.