Smiling woman visualizing heartsA couple years back, I did a birth chart for a woman named Helen in New York. At that time, her main concern was finding a life partner. According to her birth chart, the energy in her marriage sector does not occur until very late in life. This means that it is not easy for her to get married. The strongest energy in her life is her career. Helen agreed that being a television director is demanding, however she is in her late 30’s and would like to settle down. The property sector in her birth chart showed that she is likely to live in places with poor feng shui that bring problematic relationships.

This year, she requests to have a feng shui analysis of her apartment to see if her apartment is indeed, contributing to her lack of love life. Looking at her floor plan, it is quite clear that the feng shui does not bring positive relationships to Helen. Helen’s birth element is earth and she is a Western Direction Pattern person, which means that the northwest, west, northeast, and southwest are most compatible with her. These are the directions she should ideally have her main door, bedroom, and office situated in.

Instead, Helen’s door is located in the south sector – a negative sector for her. When entering her apartment, the kitchen is to the immediate right, which is associated to the male energies. A kitchen to the right of the main door does not allow male energies to gather, thus relationships are sparse. However, the orientation of the stove within the kitchen does match Helen. The stove represents our food, our basic means of survival or our income. Because it is located in the southeast sector facing northwest, it is compatible with Helen, bringing her energies of wealth. Helen agrees that her salary and bonuses are stable.

Helen’s master bedroom is located in the east corner, which is associated to the wood element. The wood energies defeat her earth element energies. The east is also a masculine energy, which brings males who take advantage of her or have conflicts with her. Helen admits she does have prospective boyfriends, but they often hide things and are not who they appear to be. She has been unknowingly involved with married men.

The west sector of her apartment - the direction associated to feminine metal energies and the perfect complement to her masculine earth energies - is missing. This factor alone can make it difficult for compatible relationships to enter into her home.

Fortunately for Helen, the northwest is the living room where she has a large sofa bed. I recommend that she spend the majority of her time here so that she absorbs promoting metal energies associated to the northwest. The northwest energies are related to positive masculine energies and leadership. If possible, she should sleep and meditate in her living room to increase her chances of encountering positive, compatible relationships.

A point in Helen’s favor is that according to her birth chart, this year she is aligned with energies that bring a touching romantic relationship. Making feng shui adjustments reinforces this desired outcome, especially for this year.