Career womanAlicia is a sophisticated, attractive, and eligible woman in her mid-thirties. One would never guess that she is still single. She enjoys her career, makes a good income, drives a nice car, and lives comfortably. However, she has no luck in romance and is lonely without a partner in life.

Alicia has tried very hard to find a husband without any results. At the end of her rope, she calls and asks me if feng shui affects love and if there are houses that create loneliness.

A house’s feng shui can influence the resident’s love relationships, however the effects vary because everyone’s energy is unique, as are their houses. Nonetheless, there are some general house characteristics that create single or lonely people.

Houses that sit on a slope where the left- and right-hand sides are uneven cause an imbalance of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies, respectively. When the masculine side is lower than the feminine side, those energies tend to dissipate because there is nothing to contain it. This balances the energies in favor of the females of the house. The result is dominant females who make it hard for the male to thrive. When the feminine side is lower than the masculine side, the opposite effect occurs.

A house located on a hilltop, in a basin, at the end of an alley, or in a high-rise building all lack balanced yin and yang energies because of the dramatic, unstable relationship with the land. This makes for short relationships and loneliness.

Depending in which year you are born, your house or bedroom may “sit” in a certain direction that places you in a frequency that causes difficulty attracting the opposite sex and getting married. For example, if you are born in the year of the ox and your house or bedroom sits in the yin direction (between 52 and 67 degrees on the Chinese compass); or if you are a dragon and your house or bedroom sits in the si direction (between 142 to 157 degrees on the Chinese compass); or if you are a sheep and your house or bedroom sits in the shen direction (between 232 to 247 degrees on the Chinese compass) - being in these frequencies may cause difficulty in finding a mate.

We must also look at a person’s birth chart. Sometimes, it is your own frequencies that are not compatible with the opposite sex, making it hard to maintain a relationship. The Chinese birth chart, or zi wei do shu, is a statistical record calculating the position of 116 stars and planets at your specific time of birth and how their energies affect your life cycle. The information is highly accurate for those who know how to read it. It may be your personality, background, culture, career, attitude, or your health that makes it hard for you to find a partner. It is important for us to look at as many factors as possible in both the person and their environment to get a grand view perspective.

Alicia’s birth chart indicates that her connection with men is weak. Although men do pursue her, it is usually very superficial. She is innately strong-minded and independent. Because of this, it is not surprising that she feels comfortable in a house where the left side (male) is lower than the right side (female), and the male energies are weak. She also sleeps in a direction that aligns her with frequencies that are very positive for her career. Thus, her energies are focused and stronger for her career than her love life.

Being beautiful and successful do not always guarantee that one will have love in their life and easily find a spouse. Successful relationships depend on how well you understand the type of energies you possess and how the energies of your environment affect you. With this understanding, you can you better adjust yourself or your feng shui to create frequencies that are conducive to love.