Parent and child holding handsAfter a feng shui consultation and a birth chart reading, many people ask why their life is the way it is. Why do you know the people in your life who are affecting you either positively or negatively? Why are your partner, children, and parents the way they are? Why is your business the way it is? Why are the people you work with the way they are?

These questions all relate to feng shui and karma and the belief and acceptance that everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. For every cause, there is an effect. This is the law of nature and the basis for feng shui. There is a reason for knowing every person you know and why you have a relationship with them in this lifetime. Do they give to you? Do you sacrifice yourself to them? Do they take advantage of you? Do you take advantage of them? Do you find yourself lost in a personal relationship that is imbalanced and there’s nothing you can do to change it? All of this occurs because of karma - relationships are karma.

The first relationship you have when you come into this world is with your parents. You don’t have a choice as to who they are, you are born to them. Some parents have a very strong connection with their children, or maybe with one child among the children they have, and they play a very large role in their life.

With the help of hypnosis, my birth chart, and my parents’ birth chart, I know that my father in this life was also my father in a previous life. In one of my past life regressions through hypnosis, I remembered that I was a surgeon and that I performed a very critical surgery on my father, which brought him back to life. I saved his life.

In this life, I feel like my father has given a good life to me in return for what I did for him. Consequently, I feel a very deep connection with him and we always do our work together. As a child, I naturally picked up my father’s feng shui teachings. Even though I had not heard some of the philosophies before, he simply had to tell me something once and I would retain the information.

You might find that when you tell certain people certain things, they pick the information up very naturally as well. If you as a parent are an artist, musician, decorator, designer, or doctor, and you teach your children certain things verbally and nonverbally, there are things that they will pick up right away because of previous life experiences.

Many parents hold a very deep bond with their children and will be a provider for them because of a karmic duty they feel they owe to them. This can be a karma of service, a karma of love, or a karma of devotion. Sometimes it is only a karma of money.  In this case the parent’s bond with the child may only be to make money for them.

Some parents have no bond or connection with their children. They have children, but they might leave them. They give them to orphanages or leave them on a doorstep because there is no karmic bond with them. Very likely, the abandoned child had a similar karma with their current biological parent in a previous life. This is the karma of the child. Though it sounds sad, it does not mean the circumstance will necessarily have a negative effect on the child. Some abandoned children become accomplished people in spite of and because of their circumstances.

There are times when parents are not biologically related to a child, but they have karma with them and adopt them to fulfill the karmic relationship. Many children in China - especially the girls - are being abandoned, but are then adopted into wonderful lives in the United States that they would never have had in China. This situation supports a very strong karmic bond or debt between these children of China and the people of the United States. Why are the people in this country taking care of children from another country? The children may be very special and need the opportunities available in the United States to fulfill their destinies.

With an understanding of karma, you can better understand the relationships you are involved with. Perhaps you will experience more tolerance or patience with someone if you realize that there is a karmic debt that is owed them. Perhaps you will be more appreciative of those who are repaying their debt to you.