Young coupleFinding the right person to share your life with is a major goal and enhances the meaning of life for many people. When you create a compatible environment with feng shui, you activate the natural law of cause and effect and attract positive people and opportunities that allow you to reach your potential.

When you are aware of what frequencies make up and promote your unique, personal energy, you are better able to attract and connect with a person whose frequencies complement yours and result in a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Before you can attract the right person, it is vital that you know who you are. Like an expert fisherman, you need to know what type of bait to use on your lure to attract the right fish. Catching the prize fish is no easy task, for it takes skill, patience, confidence, and luck to catch that one in a million. To find your match you need to take a long look in the mirror, and an even longer look at the soul contained within.

What is your personality? It might not always be possible to change your personality, but if you can take a truthful assessment of your main traits, you will have better luck finding the right match. Are you patient or assertive? Are you independent and like doing things your own way, or do you prefer someone guiding you? Knowing if you are a creature of habit or flexible, extroverted or introverted, conservative or liberal, and understanding your faults and qualities, will help you appreciate the opposite in someone else. People with opposite traits can create balance when there is acceptance.

Your feelings about your career are also very important. Your career is a source of confidence, self-esteem, and financial stability. When you are in a compatible career, it is easier for you to feel successful, content, and confident, and radiate a positive aura that will attract successful, confident people to you.

Do you have an identity outside of your work? Do you enjoy your work? Are you a business owner and someone who needs to be in charge, or an employee willing to be the support group? Are you a workaholic who thrives on working ten to twelve hours a day? Where do relationships fit into your life in terms of priorities with your work? Can you be with someone who is not as strong as you in their career? These are all questions to answer honestly, for they are frequencies that determine what kind of person you are.

You need to know yourself sexually. How often do you need sex and what kind of sex do you prefer? Those who have had sexual traumas in their childhood, such as molestation, rape, or exposure to pornography, may be sexually ashamed, repressed, or dysfunctional, creating a barrier to healthy intimacy. Honesty in regards to the sexual needs of you and your partner will help keep your love quality high. This honesty prevents straying outside of the relationship and being tempted by a third party.

Remember that no one is perfect. Without dwelling on your faults, be aware of your shortcomings and set reasonable expectations for your partner. Sometimes, a quality that we don't like about ourselves shows up in our partner and we give them very little slack.

With self-awareness, the message you send out will attract a person whose energy thrives when they are around you, as your energy thrives when you are around them.

"Before you can attract the right person, it is vital that you know who you are... To find your match you need to take a long look in the mirror, and an even longer look at the soul contained within."

~Jenny Liu, Feng Shui Master