Heart shaped puzzle pieceFeng shui principles are based on the natural laws of attraction. When there is too much of one frequency in our environment, we balance it by adding a complementary frequency, thus creating wholeness. The natural laws of attraction are similarly applied to creating balanced relationships.  Two of the most powerful laws to heed when attracting a love relationship are the Yin Yang Theory and Karma.

The easily recognized yin yang symbol is a circle comprised of a white half and a black half. Within the black half, there is a white spot, and within the white half, there is a black spot. This signifies the phenomenon of opposite but complementary attributes achieving balance. There is some white in the black and some black in the white.

This idea of opposite but complementary is what we strive for in a relationship and symbolizes balance, understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for that which may be different from us, but supportive and enhancing at the same time.

Take the example of dominance and flexibility. If both partners in a relationship have dominant personalities, then there will likely be struggles and fighting. If both partners are too flexible, there may be indecision and floundering.

However if one is more dominant and the other more flexible, and each person appreciates this quality in the other, then a strong, healthy relationship is formed.  The key is for each person to appreciate what the other brings to the partnership. One trait is not necessarily better, or more important than another. When you embrace differences that complement you, you will learn new lessons and experience more in life.

Another undeniable natural law that affects those we attract and are attracted to is karma. When you have a very strong karmic bond with someone from a previous life, there is an unfinished task between the two of you that needs completing. With previous shared karma it is easy to be attracted to each other.

Perhaps in a previous life your partner took care of you and you did not appreciate them. Now you are back together in this lifetime to pay and clear that debt. Each relationship you have in this lifetime, whether it is with family, a friend, or a lover, is to provide you lessons. Relationships let us see who we are - for better or for worse - and if we are willing to look honestly at ourselves, we can learn what we need to do to move forward. Until you overcome these lessons, you will encounter the same issues and obstacles, either in this lifetime, or the next.

If you are continually attracted to the same type of person, and this person's energy does not promote a healthy, fulfilling relationship, be honest and open to the insights you receive while you are with them, acknowledge the mistake (and the lesson) and move on to someone else who is a better match. Also, do not have any regrets about the relationships you have had that did not work out, for there is knowledge to be gained from every experience.

Since we know that like frequencies attract like frequencies, the more positive energy you build up in yourself, the better chance you have of attracting someone with the same positive energy.  Don't confuse "frequency" with "personality trait." You can be dominant and your partner can be flexible, but you exhibit your opposite traits in a positive manner.

Cultivate a radiant aura around yourself.  Your aura (the exterior manifestation of your inner energy) should be a positive, energetic golden or pink color.  Self-confidence, high self-esteem, positive attitude, values and self-awareness all contribute to radiating a positive aura.  When your aura is strong, it pulls strong positive auras towards it.

The more you know about yourself, the better you are able to change the attributes that create obstacles in your life, and the better you are able to enhance those qualities in yourself that are worthy of being loved.