Champagne glasses in front of fireplaceIt is important to have a space where you and your partner feel comfortable and safe being intimate and sharing time together without distractions. This quality time can enhance and strengthen your bond. For single persons trying to attract a quality love relationship, a special, romantic space can help bring in the right, compatible person who complements and promotes your life.

An excellent way to create a romantic space that enhances your love life is by using the Five Element Theory. If you are already in a long-term relationship, the first step is to calculate the birth charts of both you and your loved one to determine your elements for promoting love. With this information, you have unlimited ways to apply that information to your home.

If your love promoting elements are different from each other, you can experiment with combinations, utilizing both elements to create a unique décor that supports both of you. If the bedroom or the room you've chosen to become your romantic space is only compatible to one person in the couple, then strengthen the person whom it does not match by using their promoting element in the room’s decor to help create balance in the relationship.

A qualified feng shui master will be able to tell you what items, scents, materials, and themes support your promoting element. If it is fire, you and your partner might consider making the kitchen and dining room your romantic space because these types of rooms are associated with the fire element. The activity of eating itself contains fire element frequencies. Fire is also associated to the heart and the eyes, so appeal to the visual senses with art, special lighting, and photos. Fire colors such as red, pink, magenta, or burgundy are easy to incorporate. Fire element flowers include roses, peonies, and camellias. Perhaps you can consider using the theme of a region that is associated with the fire element, such as Latin America or the Caribbean.

Suppose you and your partner have different love promoting elements - you are wood and your partner is water. Your romantic space may be a garden, which supports your wood energies, and there may be a special water feature (fountain, pond, or pool), to support your partner's water energies. An alternative is to convert the master bathroom (water element) into a romantic spa for two, and decorate it with plant motifs using green and blue colors to support the wood energy. Again, a knowledgeable feng shui master will be able to tell you the different items that support the five different elements.

How do you create a romantic space for a single person who is searching for a partner? Similar to an already established couple, you need to calculate your love-promoting element using your birth chart. Determine what direction promotes love for you in the current year, and activate it using your promoting element. The promoting love element can also be applied to yourself in the colors you wear, scents you use, or feelings you convey. If you have a significant other and would like to take the next step in a committed relationship, decorate your love direction with pictures of the two of you, along with a mantra charm or Chi Art to create a strong love connection.

Given these basic tools, you can use your imagination to create a space that triggers the feelings of romance and reinforces the energy of your love bond. Realize that the very thought, act, and desire to create a romantic space empowers your love relationship right from the start. Remember that energies change annually, so both you and your partner will change throughout the course of your relationship. Like a flower that needs constant care, so does your relationship.