Couple Hugging in BedroomFeng Shui Sex is a term describing the quality of sex between two people, regardless of their sexual orientation.  It is the application of feng shui theories to improve sexual quality and intimate relationships.  When using feng shui to ensure comfort, balance, and warmth in an environment, it is vital to make sure furniture size matches the room size, and house size matches the energy of the residents.  In Feng Shui Sex, this translates into matching the sex drives, energies, and organs of partners.

Just as your daily environment affects your behavior, emotions, energy level, and productivity, it also plays a role in your sexual lifestyle.  The quality of sex relates with the living environment because it involves your mind, spirit, culture, religion, health, emotions, financial situation, atmosphere, environmental color, previous life karma, physical energy systems, genitalia type, sex skill, and astrological energies.

Sex has existed since the beginning of mankind.  It is the root of life.  Without sex, there is no life.  Sex is considered a holy act that connects us with a higher power.  In ancient cultures all over the world, archeological finds depict worship of love and sex gods and goddesses.  Images, sculptures, and even temples or sacred buildings have been built to glorify the phallus or penis, and the birth canal or vagina.  Ancient sculptures, murals, and documents teach sexual skills.

There are religions and cultures that vilify sex and create unbalanced sexual relationships.  Some people are raised to believe that sex is a sin, evil, and wrong to think about.  In some cultures, the female anatomy is circumcised so that the woman will never feel pleasure from sex, making sex pleasurable only for the man.  When a woman is not allowed to release her sexual energies through climax it creates an imbalance with devastating effects for both the man and the woman, resulting in a culture that faces conflict, war, poverty, sadness, and little progress.

We need to learn about and understand the sexual nature of humans - how to communicate and connect through sex, select a compatible partner, and cultivate skills to improve the quality of sex.  If unhappy, imbalanced, misunderstood relationships become the norm in society, it creates an epidemic of sex for sale, short-term relationships, adultery, divorce, financial stress, poor health, aggressive children, and low intelligence.

Your concept of sex is vital to the well-being of your love relationships and your lovemaking.  If you have been taught that sex is sinful and cannot even say the word sex without blushing, you may feel repressed about sex in general. A negative sexual experience can also create a repressed sexual concept.  When sexuality is repressed, it creates sexual tension between a couple that can result in unexplainable conflicts or adultery.  Those who are open about their sexuality and have had positive examples of love in their life will have very different types of relationships than those who have not.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.”  There is food that makes you vibrant and strong, or junk food that makes you fat and prone to illness.  Likewise, there is sex that can make you energized, happy, and progressive in your life, or exhausted, depleted, and always facing obstacles.  Balance is the key.

Sex is a natural part of the cycle of life.  Just like we need to eat to sustain ourselves, sex is also necessary to our survival, like a nutrient or the air we breathe.