Your environment has an undeniable impact on you, so it makes perfect sense to select and create a home that promotes your well-being.  If quality of sex is lacking in your life, take a look around your environment to see if there are any aspects that may be having a negative impact.

Woman's face surrounded by rosesEverything is connected, so the quality of other aspects of your life affects the quality of your love and sexual relationships.  If your house brings you ailments, accidents, money loss, or adultery, these burdens will negatively affect your love life.  Conversely, if your house inspires confidence, prosperity, health, and enlightenment, you will likely enjoy fringe benefits in the bedroom.

Without realizing it, there are people who live in houses that bring loneliness, separation, unbalanced relationships, adultery, or argument.  They may have doors and bedrooms located in the wrong orientation, or live in environments that are noisy, polluted, or near negative sources of energy that interrupt their sleep and result in lack of sexual energy and desire.

If the bedroom is too narrow, cluttered, stagnant, and cold, or the bed is unstable or too soft, good quality sex may be harder to come by.  If your bed is aligned to an open door or window, lack of privacy can make it difficult to have quality sex.  Images such as fierce animals, weapons, violence, or items and gifts from past partners or ex-lovers in the bedroom send subliminal messages that can create anger, sadness, fear, or violation, that induces negative sex energy.

The exterior environment can also affect the quality of sex.  Stabilize the energy of your home by living away from negative sources of energy such as cemeteries, railroad tracks, noisy streets, freeways, landfills, and high voltage stations.

A house that sits on sloped land can affect the balance of your love and sex relationship.  As you stand in front of your house facing the street, the left side is associated to the energies of the male, and the right side is associated to the energies of the female.  Ideally, these energies are balanced.  However, if the male side slopes down and the female side slopes up, the male energies will tend to be weaker and the female energies stronger.  The male energy that is attracted into a house like this may not match up to the energies of the female.  Either the men are likely to come and go, or the females will tend to be dominant.  Both scenarios create imbalance.

The reverse is also true.  When the male side slopes up and the female side slopes down, the male energy will be dominant, and the females coming into the house may come and go, again creating instability and imbalance in a relationship.

Bedroom orientation is crucial for the quality of love and sex between two people.  More often than not, each person will have opposite energies.  One might be Eastern Direction Pattern (EDP) and compatible to a bedroom in the north, south, east, or southeast sectors of the house; while the other might be Western Direction Pattern (WDP), and compatible to a bedroom in the northwest, west, southwest, and northeast sectors of the house.

When a couple is sleeping in a bedroom that only matches one of them, the partner who does not match will tend to have weaker energies.  That person is at a disadvantage and more prone to illness, low energy, and low self-esteem, which can affect their productivity, career, and personal drive.  This imbalance can strain a couple’s relationship as one person becomes a burden to the other.  Arguments and dissatisfaction occur, and the quality of love and sex goes down.  If this couple’s karmic bond is ending, and other people with stronger karma enter the picture, adultery is likely to occur.  In this case, feng shui adjustments need to be made for whomever the bedroom does not match.

Finally, within the bedroom, place the headboard of your bed against a solid wall for security, and make sure it is not aligned with any negative energies such as in front of a fireplace, over the stove (if your bedroom is on the second floor), under an exposed beam, with a long dark hallway, bathroom door, staircase, or the bedroom door itself.  Make sure the air quality is good by letting in fresh air through a window or using an ionic air filter.

Positive images representing love, inspiration, and happy memories for yourself and your partner strengthen your love bond.  Make your bedroom a sanctuary where you can be rejuvenated through sleep and quality lovemaking.