To conclude our series of articles on Feng Shui Sex, I chose a couple of interesting questions and answers that came up at our Feng Shui Tea Time regarding sexual nature.  Awareness and acceptance of the true sexual natures of you and your partner gives you freedom to express your sexuality.  Understanding this is crucial to an authentic, fulfilling life.

Tea Time Guest:  Since my husband and I moved to the front bedroom, which is closer to the street, and made some feng shui adjustments in our house, our sex life is dead and we don’t sleep together anymore.  Around the same time, some relatives came to live in our house.  What happened?

Master Jenny Liu:  Because the two events coincided, it is difficult to tell which one truly impacted your sex life.  Perhaps your husband's sexual nature is one of privacy. Being in a bedroom that is more open to the street or public and having houseguests may disrupt his private sexual nature.  Also, it is quite possible that the adjustments you made increased your sexual energy, but had a negative effect on your husband's energy. You may have inadvertently created imbalance, which is why it is important to consult an experienced feng shui master when making adjustments.

An experienced master will first make sure that you and your husband are in a bedroom that is compatible with both of you.  Room compatibility, correct furniture placement, promoting colors, lighting, and art, make your bedroom a sanctuary where you and your husband can come together to communicate, make love, and get good rest so that you can be stronger together.  When you sleep in an orientation that is not compatible, it negatively affects your connection.

Regarding your question about other people living in the house, any time you have houseguests - be it relatives or friends - it changes the dynamics of the household.  Your house and family now have to accommodate other people's energies and needs.  No matter how close your houseguests are to you, over time their constant presence can impact the quality of sexual intimacy between you and your partner.  Limit the number of people and the amount of time houseguests reside with you to minimize this impact. 

Tea Time Guest:  Are there some people who are not meant to be sexual?  Like priests and nuns?  Is this a problem to solve with feng shui? 

Woman with Umbrella in WheatfieldMaster Jenny Liu:  There are those who are born with very pure energies and no inclination whatsoever for sex.  Instead, they put their procreative energy into meditation, writing, art, and outlets other than sex.  If this is their true calling and their birth chart confirms that this is how they are meant to live, then there is rarely a problem, especially if they are supported in their choice.

Some birth charts indicate that a person is meant to be a priest, monk, or nun.  This is not a problem as long as they accept that it is their nature and feel no need to go against it.  However, if social or family conventions force a sexual lifestyle upon this person, this can create great distress and possibly a dysfunctional love relationship between this person and his or her partner.

Likewise, if someone’s chart indicates a strong sexual energy but they insist on choosing a celibate lifestyle, then they are resisting their true nature and may be escaping or hiding from life.  In this case, there are likely to be problems and adjustments need to be made.

People who are born with strong sexual energies may become adults with virile sex drives that are not easily satisfied, causing them to engage in numerous short-term relationships.  On a personal or social level, they may feel stress from the constantly changing relationships and wonder why they can’t maintain a long-term relationship.

Coming to terms with their sexual nature and understanding that this is their natural energy enables them to set realistic expectations and deal better with short-term relationships, or find more compatible partners.

Feng shui can be used in these situations to help a person accept and embrace their true sexual nature.  Rather than trying to make yourself or another person behave in a way that goes against natural tendencies, acceptance brings peace and will attract compatible energies.

If more people understood their sexual nature and that of others, there would be less judgment of themselves and their partners.  Appreciating someone’s differences can lead you somewhere new.  Be true to your nature and allow the same for others.