Praying hands and incenseWhen we transition into new beginnings - whether it be a new year, a new home, or new job - it is common practice to re-evaluate our lives. We affirm our accomplishments and acknowledge improvements that can be made. It is the perfect time for making feng shui adjustments and discarding unnecessary aspects of our lives that weigh us down.

An increasingly popular way of taking feng shui to a higher level of effectiveness is to have a ceremonial blessing or clearing performed in your house, business, on your possessions, or on your personal self. One type of ceremonial blessing releases negative energies left by a previous occupant, while another shows appreciation and reinforces your connection with the universe, thereby increasing prosperity and happiness.

When performing a ceremony, we choose an auspicious date for you. An auspicious date is a time calculated from your birth chart for when the planets are aligned in your favor to bring you the most benefit.

Among the several occasions that warrant blessing ceremonies are: the groundbreaking or remodeling of a home, office, or new project; the grand opening of a new business, bringing a new baby home for the first time, and bringing positive energies to an important show, concert, or event.

Most importantly, blessing ceremonies are necessary when negative energies exist in your home and feng shui adjustments on the physical level are not enough. If your feng shui and orientation are all correct and you still sense something very heavy in your house, then the issue goes beyond the physical realm and you need a blessing ceremony.

Death is energy that is considered beyond the physical realm, and if it is a negative death involving suicide, substance abuse, physical abuse, miscarriage, or bankruptcy, a blessing ceremony can release the offending energy. A house can also be haunted, meaning the spirits of the previous owners are unsettled and lingering. If you don’t release their spiritual energy with a blessing, it will affect the residents’ well-being.

Blessings can be performed on antique furniture, jewelry, or anything that belonged to other people. For instance, if your furniture was made using slave labor or children, then it will carry sad, hopeless energy into your environment. We have performed blessings on cars for added protection against accident, especially if the car had a previous owner who carried negative energy.

Humans can be blessed and empowered as well. If you went through something hard in your life and you feel that your energy has been depleted, or if you feel negative and want to release this, then you can be strengthened or purified with a personal ceremony in which you will be given a personal mantra charm for added protection and strength.

Everything - from a piece of paper, to furniture, to human beings – contains life.  It is all energy at some level and is capable of retaining either positive or negative energy.

Blessing ceremonies literally transfer the energy of the mind to the object or person of focus. They rejuvenate old stagnant energies, release troublesome negative energies, and they empower you, creating a flow of positive energy that will enhance your well-being.