Great Wall of ChinaAll energetic interaction follows the natural laws of the universe. It is all cause and effect. Clients often ask us, "Why me?" or "Why did this happen to me?"  If we take the time to examine the "effect" - a negative or positive situation - we will find a "cause" comprised of many different factors that all came together to create the negative or positive outcome.  

If you contract an intestinal infection, rather than just taking antibiotics or covering the symptoms, it is better to search for the cause, which could be a number of things. Perhaps the infection was contracted from another person or a compromised immune system, which leads to exploring how the immune system was compromised. A compromised immune system can result from lack of sleep, poor diet, reckless lifestyle, genetics, or mental depression. If you determine the cause is mental depression, then you must examine the possible source of that disturbance - upbringing, physiological chemistry, or trauma. In the end, by addressing the source of an obstacle, you can effectively eradicate it. If you simply mask the symptoms, the obstacle will most likely recur.

The many different factors that create the cause for an effect are referred to as the Grand View -a look with wide-eye lense. When you take a Grand View look at your situation, whether it be a relationship, your health, your business, or your finances, you will be able to identify the areas where improvement is needed, thereby creating the ability to make positive changes. In a Grand View perspective, there are at least 130 different factors that influence your success in life. Remember that because universal and cosmic energies are constantly moving and changing, many of these 130 factors (including your personal energies) are changing as well. Taking the Grand View into account and adjusting as many factors as possible to create balance in your life is what we call Grand View Feng Shui.

Let me give you a general example of applying Grand View Feng Shui to business. There are many reasons why your business may succeed or falter. It is most likely not just because of one factor like the office orientation or your desk position. Also, a business that does well one year does not necessarily do well in the next year. This is where Grand View feng shui comes in. An experienced feng shui master will be aware of cyclic energies, your personal energy, geographical location, your type of business, and so forth, enabling him or her to recommend accurate adjustments that keep your energy stable.

Every twenty years we enter a new cycle. Different cycles are related with different energies. In one twenty-year cycle, the political climate might be very unstable in one part of the globe. This can affect the economy and thus your business. In another twenty-year cycle, the energy may be strong for women to succeed, which could affect your business positively if you are a female business owner. If you are a woman entertaining the thought of starting your own business, then a twenty-year cycle bringing success for women is a good time to begin.

Perhaps a twenty-year cycle brings with it a more open-minded energy throughout the world. If you have a unique innovative thought, a cycle strong in open-minded frequencies is more likely to bring positive reception for your new idea. The twenty-year cycle is only one aspect of the Grand View.

Another Grand View factor pertains to the Five Element Theory. Many of nature's laws are controlled by the interaction of the Five Elements: wood, metal, earth, fire, and water. These are names for phases of energy - combinations of which either promote each other or defeat each other. Everything around us, from human beings to the shape of a building to a twenty-year cycle, is associated to one of these five elements.

If a twenty-year cycle is predominantly metal energy, and your business is publishing, which is predominantly wood energy, because metal defeats wood, you may find a particular twenty-year cycle associated to metal more difficult for your business. If you do not make appropriate adjustments to strengthen the wood energy and bring it into balance with the metal energy, it can be the cause of negative effects and challenges.

Bear in mind that each annual cycle also carries its own energy. Though metal generally defeats wood in the twenty-year cycle example above, in other yearly cycles wood will appear strong and your publishing business will do better. You can see how complex the system is. This complexity is why you cannot rely solely on a book when applying feng shui. You must find a master with a Grand View approach to ensure that all factors are being considered when creating an environment that supports you.