Full rainbowMany people have asked me how to reconcile feng shui with their religion. They know that feng shui can help, yet they hesitate to consult a feng shui master thinking it might contradict their faith.

Feng shui is not a religion. Feng shui is the recognition or understanding of the laws of nature, and that there are certain universal patterns of energy. For every energetic force, there is an equal and opposite force. For every cause, there is an effect. This natural phenomenon exists whether you believe in it or not.

Feng shui is a system of survival that looks to nature for guidance. Just as birds migrate to the south for winter, we too should move to where the weather suits us best so that we can thrive. Spiders strategically spin their webs where there is prey. Likewise, we are better off establishing a business where there are customers. Like the chameleon adapting to its environment by changing colors, we need to know how to adapt our lives to attract health, wealth, and harmony.

The energies of nature has a great influence on us. The strong magnetic fields created by sunspots on the top of the sun are associated with economic boom, while sunspots on the bottom of the sun are related to economic depression and a rise in illnesses and hospital deaths. The moon’s phases regulate women’s menses and affect our moods. Living in natural settings and nourishing ourselves with natural foods strengthens our bodies. All of these things occur because of nature, regardless if you are Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, or Hindu.

Feng shui is based on the Taoist philosophy that everything is made of energy, or what the Chinese call chi. There is no “God” in feng shui. In feng shui, there is an ultimate power or tai ji that rules, connects, and guides us. These are the laws of nature.

In order to excel, we must respect and understand the ways of nature. When we live by the laws of nature, we can progress and evolve into superior beings. Feng shui was developed to help understand the laws of nature and then be able to apply them to our lives.

If we were to apply this basic purpose of feng shui to religion, then a person’s religion should promote their natural well-being, as well as the well-being of those around them. Religion should be a faith that inspires, enlightens and brings happiness, health, and success. If practicing the religion does not enable us to develop ourselves in a positive way, then we must question if it is a worthwhile expenditure of our time and energy.

In various world religions, man has created different names and different images to represent a higher intelligence or divine force. I believe at their root, almost all religions have similar goals - that we are to believe and have hope in a higher energy, a divine source that created us, rules us, protects us, and offers guidance when we have strayed from a healthy path.

Unfortunately, the writings that document these principles have passed through generations of time. Translations and interpretations have likely distorted the original intentions. We must use our judgment to know when man has manipulated these principles to control others for selfish reasons. Therefore, we should not limit ourselves, but open up and use experience to understand what is true and real.

Many things happen in this world that do not have an explanation. It is human nature to fear the unknown and we have thus theorized and created our own answers in science and religion to make ourselves feel better. Nonetheless, there continue to be incidences and occurrences in the universe unexplained by science and religion. Feng shui offers another perspective with which to view our world and a means of preventing or solving problems we face in our daily lives.

A related issue that comes up is prayer and meditation. Both are similar in that we are using our thoughts to communicate to God, or an omniscient power to reinforce our desires - be it peace of mind, wealth, or health. Our minds are ultimately powerful. Our thoughts are an energy or frequency that can assert influence on others or ourselves. This is particularly effective if a person’s mind energy is focused on, or is similar to the person whom they want to influence. This power is developed through meditation where creative visualization can be used to induce the realization of our goals and desire, such as personal success or the health of a loved one.

In feng shui, paying respect to our ancestors at home is a traditional way of respecting the cycle of life. By celebrating our ancestor’s energy or spirit, we acknowledge them as our source of life. Although they are not physically with us, their energies exist in nature and are similar to our own. Intentionally maintaining a connection with them allows them to guide and protect us, giving us strength and reinforcing the continuity of the family lineage.

Feng shui is not here to take the place of your faith but to enhance your connection with a higher intelligence. It can smooth your way in life, allowing you the energy to appreciate and experience the mysteries and beauty of this universe.