Newton's Cradle: cause & effectGrand Master Liu: The definition of karma is “destiny from cause and effect.” What you did in a previous life and what you do in this life all comes back to you. Cause and effect. A second type of karma is the energy related to your subconscious - obstacles created in your mind. Your thoughts accumulate and they come back at you sometimes bringing trouble. A third type of karma is reincarnation for a reason. Every person who comes into this life has a mission. It doesn’t matter if you are a beggar, a president, wealthy, poor, or sick – there is a reason you are here. You come into this life to learn something for your next life.

Understanding karma is important because it’s a kind of energy that is not destroyed, or that disappears – it is always there. Your energy accumulates to bring either luck or disaster. Whether you’re born to be healthy, born to be charming, or born with a disability – it means something. If in a previous life you did something bad, you will likely suffer in this life and you will learn something.

If you want a healthy future in this lifetime, you exercise, practice good nutrition, and practice mental relaxation. If you don’t do these things, you face the reality of getting sick or too fat in this life. That is an example of cause and effect all in one lifetime. Karma is simply cause and effect over many lifetimes. What you create in one lifetime, will affect you in the next, either in a positive way, or a negative way. Some people don’t do anything and they are wealthy. Other people work their whole lives and are still poor – that’s karma. Something they created in a previous life is affecting them right now. We just can’t see it.

We don’t have just one life. We know this from birth charts, logic, personal knowledge, and from hypnosis. With hypnosis, you can see everything. If you ask who you are and why you are here, you can help yourself have a better life. If you find out through hypnosis that you killed people in a previous life, you can make the choice to not do that in this life and start creating positive karma.

You can also discover who you were by examining your current personal behavior. This is called personal knowledge. Some people are born with the ability to speak five or ten languages. This personal knowledge might provide a clue into a previous lifetime and your exploration of that may lead you to some solutions needed in your current life.

Master Jenny Liu:  Karma is like computer software – it’s accumulated energy – you don’t lose these memories. From lifetime to lifetime, you accumulate all of the positive things you’ve done, the negative things you’ve done, and all of the things you’ve learned, so that in every lifetime, you possess these accumulated memories. How much they influence you depends on how much you want to tap into them and examine their benefits.

Grand Master Liu:  Artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh are born with their talent, like I am born with the ability to make chi art. My painting energy is from a previous life.  I feel it in my hand. We borrow the energy from our previous life to this life. If you believe this, you save a lot of study time, work time, and learning time and progress better in your life.

Master Jenny Liu:  People who cannot accept this idea – that is also their karma. Their time has not come to allow them to understand karma. Some chaos has to happen before they explore karma and accept it.

Grand Master Liu:  Everyone has karma. Anything you eat, see, think, and do – it all comes back to you. A good example is in regards to feng shui. A person might live in an apartment that is too small, messy, smells bad, and is stuffy and they end up with sinus problems. They go to the doctor, but still stay sick. They are sick their whole life. Then they come to see Jenny or me and ask why? We give them feng shui adjustments. We recommend that they move from the apartment and they’ll be healthy, or clean up the air with an air filter. Many times they don’t make the adjustments, even when they have the information. Why? Some stubborn karma won’t let them.

Master Jenny Liu:  Sometimes people agree with our recommendations, but don’t do them so their life continues to spiral downwards. Their karma makes them resistant to doing the feng shui and may prevent them from getting information to make the changes or understanding the information. Some people’s karma is to live in a negative house. They are sick or too busy to clean up or work on their relationships with their spouse or children.

Karma can be very overwhelming. You need a great deal of foresight, motivation, and active pursuit to overcome it. But with awareness and the will to explore and really pay attention to previous lifetimes, you can overcome obstacles and release them.