Li river near Yangshuo GuanxiThe following is an excerpt from Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s book, Chi Art: The Ultimate Feng Shui Solution. The book is filled with insightful teachings about chi and full-color paintings with art statements and poetry.

Everywhere we look, we find the same connecting forces binding cause and effect together. In the same way, cosmic forces announce themselves to us in our daily lives.  Through the philosophy of feng shui, we can observe how cosmic energies play a large role in our existence. Homes and offices, forests and factories, cars and streets, or anywhere we interact with the environment, are all influenced by the universe and its limitless variety of energies, or chi.

On a small scale, it is like an ant colony building their underground home next to a pond. They benefit from the pond and all the life that it sustains. However, every winter, when it rains a lot, overflowing pond water destroys their home. If they could record the flood cycles and survey their location, the ants would probably build their home on higher ground, or move to a fruit tree where there is no danger of flooding, but still plenty of food. Ants do this by instinct, because they are in unison with nature.

On a grander scale, we are just like the ants, but have lost our connection to the laws of nature due to irresponsible education and ignorance. For that reason, we use ancient records and charts of natural cycles to create environments that promote our survival.

Feng shui explains how the house is an extension and reflection of one´s body. If the home is absorbing unfavorable energies--whether from the cosmos, earth, or right across the street--the person living there will also absorb them. For instance, one comes home through the front door every day. If this door is facing a direction that opposes the energy of the house owner--based on his elemental tendencies--his energies will be low because the front door personifies his head. He will lack concentration. Soon, he feels distracted or tired all the time. Eventually, he does not understand why he keeps getting into car accidents. He dismisses it as just "bad luck,” because he is not aware of the energies at work on a non-material level. He may start feeling hopeless or angry at his situation.

It can also be that his house faces a T-intersection. From his windows, he sees cars race toward his home, turning away around the corner at the last second. He has a subconscious fear that someday, a drunk driver will crash through his windows, even if nothing like that has ever happened. Eventually, he has nightmares of glaring car lights and can no longer fall asleep. His insomnia gives him physical problems like loss of appetite, migraines and chronic fatigue. He becomes irritable, paranoid and depressed.  His negative feelings are made by the material world, which also affects his psychological and physical health.

When we cannot see beyond our own personal emotions, we are actually blinded by our ego. The illusory world covers our eyes and we see and feel no escape from all the suffering that we think will never change. Ego makes us believe that we are in control of all the factors in our lives. Ego also makes us identify our physical body with the material world. However, when we become aware that our lives and happiness are guided by cosmic influences and energy in relation to our chi, our outlook will change. We will learn to direct ourselves along the paths of energy that promote our well-being.

The cosmos affects our personality and our relationships with spouse, children, friends and co-workers. It affects our luck, behavior, and health--including peace of mind and emotional management--and ultimately, it modifies our happiness. The cosmos is always changing and we change with it. We can choose to be blind and helpless to these cosmic forces, or we can choose to be mindful of them and apply them in fostering a happy and smooth life.

Everything is governed by cosmic will. Heaven´s energies are related to Earth force. Cosmic energies are related to human force. Human energies are related to Earth force. Everything in the infinite universe is related on spiritual, mental, physical and cosmic dimensions. I believe my Chi Art paintings can help others start their journey on cosmic awareness and self-realization because they remind us that the world we live in is made of energy, that we are made of energy, and that these energies are always changing on many levels, consciously, subconsciously, and cosmic-consciously.

Are stones washed up along the shore only random? Are the lines in your palm also random or do they reveal the story of your destiny and past? There are always patterns to be found in the universe. Cosmic order is in everything. The stars, like the beach pebbles, are not random, though they may look that way to unknowing eyes.