Man connecting with universal consciousnessA mantra is a chant composed in a spiritual language that has been in existence for thousands of years. Mantra charms are graphic and use symbols to depict the meaning of the chant. Mantra charms have been found all over the world and have existed in every society, culture, and nationality, crossing over boundaries of race, religion, and creed.

Charms have been discovered carved in the walls of caves, pyramids, and temples, and etched on bones and pottery in every corner of the globe from Asia, India, and Europe, to Egypt, South America, and Hawaii. They have been incorporated into the metalwork of shields, sewn onto flags, and placed in tombs to invoke protection and strength from cosmic energies. In South Africa, charms have been found in the form of sculptures.

Mantras and mantra charms exist to send messages to and receive messages from other dimensions. They stimulate your subconscious (the realm in which you can reach other dimensions) in ways that connect with universal energies, soliciting them to work for your benefit. For instance, when you chant a specific mantra that is known to tap into the universal consciousness of good health, you activate your subconscious by creating a telegraph system of sorts that can be used to receive incredible knowledge that increases your health. This is mantra power.

Though a charm in Europe may use different symbols than a charm in Africa, if used correctly and with intent, it reaches the same universal frequency and gets the same result. Chinese mantras are created using calligraphy. An effective mantra charm in Chinese is not only dependent on using the correct Chinese character, but the creator must also be in touch with his or her subconscious to establish a direct conduit for energy to travel from the mind, through the arm, into the hand, and out the brush, resulting in a stroke of calligraphy. The weight (energy) of the stroke determines the message.

Regardless of which area of the world you focus on, mantras were generally created and used by the highly intelligent, enlightened members of society. Today there are schools that teach the power of chanting and charms to anyone willing to learn.

The effectiveness level of a mantra will vary from person to person for many reasons. A person's karma may provide easy access to mantra power, but it also might present an obstacle. Effective use of mantra charms takes practice. Those who are disciplined to practice consistently will achieve more results than those who do not spend as much time with them. However, it is also possible for a person who practices for only one year to achieve the same results as someone who has been practicing for ten years.

Personal karma equips each of us with different knowledge. If a person experienced many years of mantra charm practice in a previous life, they will most likely be more open-minded in this life, making it easier to inherit a high level of mantra knowledge. Some people who feel drawn to mantras and their potential may feel guilt or conflict reconciling mantras with their culture or religion. Mantras come from the universe - not just China, Viet Nam, Thailand, or Europe. Mantras transcend man-made rules and boundaries and go straight to the universal source. Another obstacle may stem from a person's family and background. If close relatives or friends express disdain for mantras, the person interested in them may be prevented from developing their subconscious, missing out on the possible reward.

Mantra charms work based on the amount of energy and power you wish to invest in them. If a master has created a charm for you, it already has innate power to draw positive energy from the universe. When you practice chanting the mantra and use the charm as a tool during meditation, or simply bring it into your awareness every day, your effort (depending on your personal karma) will manifest in well-being.