Two little boys holding handsSince my sisters and I were children, we were taught that good deeds bring good returns - that one plus one equals two. However, in reality there are many things that do not add up and simply do not make sense. For instance, when talent plus hard work brings no results, then it seems that one plus one equals zero. There are also times when one plus one equals one hundred, such as when a one dollar lottery ticket wins one million dollars. Very often, it seems that those who are trying to make an honest living do not get their just reward.

In order to understand why these illogical things happen, we cannot take the logical approach. It is necessary to use extra-sensory powers to see into higher dimensions and to understand things beyond our common, five sensory intelligence.

For instance, let’s say two friends decide to start a business together. The first things usually considered are financial feasibility, product marketability, location, facility, and so on. Emphasis is placed on how much money should be invested and how much profit can be made. Within a year of opening the business, the friends have become enemies involved in a bitter dispute and lawsuits.

Why does this happen? Because life cycles, personal compatibility, and feng shui have not been considered. To ensure the success of a business, the potential energy field of every aspect of the business must be taken into account. This potential energy field is something different from what the common eye can see or what can be written on paper, and yet it is a vital factor that has the greatest impact on your life’s path. This invisible factor is known as the natural law of cause and effect.

An example of this invisible factor is evident when you meet a perfect stranger. There are three different types of reactions that can occur: 1) a feeling of ease and comfort and an attraction to get close; 2) dislike or negativity and the desire for distance; or 3) feelings of neutrality. This is the natural phenomenon of cause and effect at work. The energy of the interaction is not something you can see, yet it is definitely there, affecting how you and the stranger interact.

Therefore, when I consult with people on their birth chart or the feng shui of their home or office, I don’t rely solely on the statistical data, but also use my psychic abilities to analyze the person’s aura or energy field. A person’s birth chart may show that their life is filled with strong and positive events, yet their aura is dark, their posture is meek, their feng shui is bad, and they have bad habits. No matter how positive their birth chart shows their life to be, they have problems and suffer hardships in life. Tuning into their energy field helps me give guidance that is relevant and accurate to what they are currently experiencing.

Consequently, you must not only depend on physical information that you can see with your eyes or touch with your hands, but integrate these tangible aspects with your intuition and the invisible forces of nature to make accurate and realistic decisions in your life.