Astronomical clock in PragueChances are you have glimpsed at the horoscope in the newspaper or magazine you’ve been reading, curious to find out what the day or month holds for you. Whether you read horoscopes for entertainment or serious consideration, it is human nature to be curious about what the future might bring.

There are a variety of astrology systems that experts study to develop horoscopes and forecasts. The most popular and commonly known ones are the Western Astrology system, which is based on your month of birth and assigns you a zodiac sign such as Capricorn, Aquarius, or Aries; and the Chinese Astrology system, which is based on your year of birth and assigns you an animal zodiac such as Rat, Ox, Tiger, or Rabbit.

The horoscopes you find in many publications are presented in a lighthearted manner and present astrology on a very general, superficial level because they apply to the masses. Few people understand the detail that can be revealed in calculating full birth charts – known as the Zi Wei Do Shu - and thus the power of astrology in their life.

The Zi Wei Do Shu is the highest form of astrological birth chart and calculates the positions of over 116 stars in the constellations based on your date, time, and location of birth. It is a statistical record of cosmic energies that existed at your specific moment of birth. When interpreted by an expert, the Zi Wei Do Shu has an accuracy rate of 80-90%. However, remember that it is still only one of 130 factors that influence your life.

Consider it your good karma that you came upon this article to learn about the Zi Wei Do Shu and its benefits. Although the Zi Wei Do Shu is of Chinese origin, not many Chinese people know about it. About 99% of all people do not really know what it is and that is why many people face a challenging life.

The Zi Wei Do Shu provides invaluable insight that helps you avoid great setbacks and problems in life. People generally do not know what tomorrow will bring, thus they are not always prepared and go about their life not knowing how to avoid problems, sickness, conflicts, disaster, gossip, cancer, car accident, and divorce. It is like trying to get to a new destination without a map to guide you. Life becomes rather trial and error.

As you progress on your journey through life, you will undoubtedly encounter people and situations related to your karma. In some cases, you may find there are a lot of bumps or potholes in your path in the form of challenges in your career, relationships, or family. You may not understand why there are so many obstacles blocking your way.  Checking your birth chart and exploring your life’s path will help you understand your challenges and perhaps avoid negative energies before they affect you.

Many people hesitate at knowing their future. Fearing their destiny may be negative, they prefer to go through life without knowing what lies in their path. The Zi Wei Do Shu is an objective guideline that gives you insight and direction in your life. Ultimately, you still have your own will to make decisions.

Like a map of your life, your birth chart cites where you might encounter dead ends and what directions to take towards positive destinations. Can you imagine the time, energy, money, stress, and heartache you could save if you were able to avoid the wrong relationships, careers, business partners, or studies and head towards the right ones? A birth chart reading is a definite step in the right direction.