Signpost with optionsBirth chart readings are most beneficial at turning points or milestones in your life when the decisions you have to make are crucial. It is also helpful to read a child’s birth chart at birth. The main purpose of an early birth chart reading is to understand the child’s personality and health needs, and for awareness of potential dangers to avoid. Early knowledge of a child’s potential, talents, and temperament can help parents better understand how to cater to their child’s development.

One of the most crucial times in life is beginning any higher education that leads toward a career. Consult your birth chart as you prepare for college, whether in the last years of high school or as an adult, to confirm your interests and skills, or to guide you if you are uncertain. A birth chart reveals the strongest area of study for you, what type of college to attend, and where to focus your efforts.

Many young adults are often pressured by their parents to get degrees in fields that may not be compatible with them. The student then suffers in their studies, feels lost, lacks self-esteem, and ends up misdirected and frustrated as they begin their adult life. Birth chart guidance can save precious time, money, and possible resentment between the parent and their young adult.

Before getting married, in fact, even before you get too serious with someone, it is wise to do a compatibility birth chart reading for yourself and partner to understand the true purpose of your individual lives and your relationship. Every relationship is the result of a karmic bond from previous lives. Not everyone is meant to marry, thus not every relationship’s purpose is a lifetime of marriage. Some people find this a daunting discovery, but in our experience it is far better to know this than to get hurt over and over again, making the same mistakes and living a life distracted by love relationships.

Your birth chart reveals when you are likely to have relationships and what type of relationship it is - a lover, fling, affair, or a soul mate. You will know when to pay attention and when not to succumb to temptation. Most importantly, you will understand whether you are better suited to long-term, short term, or open relationships. This reality check can prevent unreasonable expectations. Knowing the purpose of your relationship, you are better able to achieve closure when you go your separate ways if the time comes, rather than being held back by a long period of resentment or loss.

Every relationship happens for a reason and this has to do with previous life karma. When a birth chart is done for you and your significant other, your karmic bond can be calculated.  Karmic bond is the length of time that two people are connected and likely to remain together in a relationship. Depending on what debt is owed, a relationship may last one month, one year, five years, ten years, or more. A relationship in this lifetime may occur to complete what was not finished in a previous lifetime, to teach or to learn a lesson, or pay or receive what’s due.

Besides the compatibility and term of your relationship, doing your significant other’s birth chart allows you to see if they have characteristics that match you. Are they spiritual, adventurous, tricky, sensual, candid, or opinionated? Does their spouse sector indicate that they will have a stable marriage or an adulterous one? Will they be successful or challenged in their career? Do they have a solid family background? Birth charts reveal all of this and more.

Awareness with the guidance of a birth chart reading helps you make crucial decisions in relationships and careers, as well as prepare for challenges that can impact your entire life.