Feng shui master in consultationMr. Lee has never considered seeing a feng shui master.  He is an earnest man who believes that hard work will bring success in life.  Like many of his friends, he earned a master’s degree, started his own business, got married, and had children.

Five years ago, his wife had an affair, his family started troubling him, and his business failed for the third time.  Last year he was in two car accidents.  Recently, as he was leaving from a restaurant after a late supper, he was mugged.  This last incident really frightened him.  A good friend of his recommended he see me.

At our meeting, Mr. Lee asks if certain events in our lives are predestined.  I ask Mr. Lee how old he is.  He replies that he is 41 with no accomplishments to speak of.  I inquire if he has friends his age with a similar background to his who are successful, to which he responds, “of course.”  I proceed to explain that if this is the case, then among these people with similar education, similar birthdays, and all living in close proximity to each other, the ones who are successful must know how to use feng shui to enhance their chi. Those who exercise or practice qi gong are able to minimize illness; those who are cautious drivers avoid getting into accidents; and those who are sensitive to their spouse’s needs are less likely to lose them.

I could see that Mr. Lee does the best he can in his life, but his face emits a gray aura revealing that something is not right.  In our meeting, Mr. Lee reveals that his mother had his birth chart calculated and according to it, he should be living a happy, peaceful life, able to grow old with his wife.  Because this is not happening, his mother is extremely disappointed in him for not fulfilling his destiny.

I tell Mr. Lee that in this world, there are countless people born at the exact same time, however this does not mean they all possess the same birth chart or experience the same life.  There are never two Einsteins or two Lincolns.  This tells us that a person’s life cannot be completely determined by their birth chart.  For instance, if your birth chart states that you could live to be 100 years old, but you love to drink and drive, you may kill yourself before the age of 30, altering the path your birth chart energies indicated.  You made a choice that changed the direction of your life.

Mr. Lee tells me that his cousin’s birth chart indicated that he would live at least until the age of 80.  An uncle who can read auras came to visit and warned Mr. Lee’s cousin to drive carefully.  The cousin replied that his birth chart had predestined him a long life and told him not to worry.  Yet, a month later, Mr. Lee’s cousin was drinking and driving, got into an accident, and died at the age of 29.

Understanding your chi and life pattern is important in feng shui.  If you are in a low period of your life or if your aura is dark and you are making poor choices, trouble can occur despite what your birth chart says.  The Chinese astrology or birth chart is a statistical record of the energies that existed at your date and time of birth and has an accuracy rate of about 90%.  However, the effect it actually has on your life is only about 3.3% because there are many other factors, such as personality, background, education, culture, health, and so forth that also influences your life.

It is clear that Mr. Lee cannot rely solely on what his birth chart says.  He can use the information to guide him, but he must also make personal and environmental feng shui adjustments along the way to account for all of the other factors that come together and form his life.