Tam Coc National Park in VietnamHuman beings are originally outdoor creatures who require closeness to natural energies to thrive.  Evidence of writing on bones dating back over 8,000 years ago shows that primordial man sought out cave dwellings that provided safety from natural disaster.  They strategically selected shelter in specific directions that received a balance of water, sun, and earth energies.

We connect to the earth’s energy through our buildings.  Depending on how buildings sit on the land, they absorb certain energies from the earth, surrounding neighborhood frequencies, and immediate landscaping.  The intensity, direction, and quality of the combination of these frequencies have varying effects on the building’s occupants.

From modern day studies, we know that the earth's molten core radiates electromagnetic energy that interacts with cosmic energies.  This causes the earth's surface to rise and dip, forming mountains, valleys, hot springs, and volcanoes.  There are vital sites on the earth where energy gathers and can be tapped into and absorbed.  These sites are easily seen from an aerial perspective; however, it takes an experienced feng shui master to detect these sites from the human perspective on land.

The magnetic field, shape, color, vegetation, and location of mountain ranges or hills around a house have various effects upon it.  The quality and health of the vegetation, air, soil, water, and other living organisms are good indicators of whether a house is on a good or bad point of the earth.  The house should also be situated in an orientation that benefits its residents.  For this reason, a feng shui compass is used to evaluate the topography in all eight directions.

There are certain conditions of a site that have consistently enhanced the well-being of its inhabitants.  One is mountain ranges that resemble the embracing arms or nourishing breasts of Mother Nature to protect the site from cold winds and nourish it with a balance of sun and shade.  Living in this type of landscape promotes a feeling of comfort and security.  There is a sense of harmony that is both mentally and physically healing.

Hillside houses experience different energetic effects depending on the hill's location in relation to the house.  A hill in front of a house blocks energy from coming in.  This can mean a lack of energy for the house and its residents.  If the land at the back of the house slopes down, the house loses energy.

Ideally, a house is located in the middle of a hillside with its front door overlooking a city or ocean view.  In this case, energy rises from the city or ocean and is absorbed into the house.  An incline behind this type of house protects it from winds and provides support by gathering and containing energy for the residents.

In modern times, we have created artificial lighting, foods, and heating and cooling systems.  We have become indoor creatures deprived of natural energies.  Our health has degenerated and our bodies’ natural ability to develop immunities to new diseases has been compromised.  Therefore, it is important to be aware of your environment and make sure it promotes your well-being.  Feng shui is a reliable system of survival that strengthens you by keeping you connected to the earth’s energy.

David Pearson, author of The Natural House Book states that an ideal site "[varies] from one climate region to another,” and that, “the aim is to make the best possible use of natural features and land forms for warmth and shelter, lessening the need for artificial forms of heating, cooling and insulation."  This, along with the proper orientation and interior layout provides mutual benefit for both the resident and the environment by tapping into energies that allow us to be stronger and evolve as humans.