Man gazing at cosmosThe following is an excerpt from Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s book, “Chi Art: The Ultimate Feng Shui Solution.”  The book is filled with insightful teachings about chi and full-color paintings with art statements and poetry.

We are ruled by circumstances-- from what we eat to where we live.  Food can illustrate this.  Some foods are compatible with certain people, while other foods are not.  It depends on their taste, their preference, and the needs of their body.  But there are other factors that can control what we eat--what can we choose from?  What is even available on the menu?  More factors--is it cheap or expensive?  Can we even afford what we want to eat?  And on a very basic level--can we even read the menu?  We may end up putting something in our bodies that we do not enjoy because of the circumstances that make us feel like we have no choice.  Many people will say that this is the story of their lives.  Some of us live in rich, developed countries, and some of us survive in poor and sparse areas.  We can be blessed with good feng shui or frustrated by bad feng shui.  Among all of us, our suffering will differ and the quality of our lives will vary.

Money is often the greatest factor determining the outcome of our lives.  When there is not enough money to satisfy a need, it creates distress for some individuals.  With sufficient finances, it is easier for some to achieve peace and happiness.  When money is overabundant, it can become a threat again, or benefactor to many people, all depending on who controls the money´s energy and flow.  Money energy is guided by human forces.  The energy of money is, like other energies, attracted to specific energies.  Money has a tendency to reach certain people.  Poor people lack the attraction because they may not have the education or skills needed to create a stable flow of income.  They may end up taking illegal risks or making bad business decisions.  Monks, yogis and other spiritually-minded individuals have few possessions and desires because money holds little importance to them.  Those who prioritize money strive for high-paying careers and may end up finding themselves in material luxury, but lacking in spiritual wealth and lasting happiness.

Our individual life-styles are defined by our circumstances, which are dependent on our karma.  By improving our karmic obstacles and the material circumstances that trap us in futile cycles, we can reach higher levels.  My original paintings intend to balance individual energies on mental, physical, and spiritual levels.  However, the paintings affect each person differently depending on their level of enlightenment and their chi. When I paint, I empower the work with specific universal messages.  If you are short of the energy that a painting is empowered with, you will feel balanced upon seeing it.  With the practice of meditation, visualization and mantras, the power of the paintings is enhanced.  They can guide you towards self-realization and comprehension of being one with the cosmos.  Many paintings are commissioned to help specific circumstances, with careful consideration of the elemental and material factors affecting each individual.  We must become aware of the elements that make us healthy and prosperous or weak and lonely.  All who are aware of their obstacles and the power of universal energy, symbols, and patterns--with the ultimate goal of enlightenment--will release or neutralize influences that are adverse to them.  These influences can be released through such images because they contain multi-dimensional and subconscious messages derived from cosmic frequencies and third eye perceptions, as well as diagrams, charms, symbols, and mantras originating from ancient wisdom of universal laws and cosmic order.

Heaven, human, Earth--all answers are rooted in their coexistence.  We are connected in these three words. For one cannot exist without the other.  In realizing this, we will discover what works for us.  To deny it will create inner conflict and unresolved problems.  It is like healing herbs: before you eat them, you must be able to identify them and understand their functions.  Then you can begin to combine them and reap their benefits and celebrate the power of cosmic law and order.  We must live by the law of nature.  When we live in harmony with the universe, we will live in harmony with ourselves and expand this harmony with all beings.  When we become aware that love, universal peace, and happiness can break down the boundaries between people, we also become aware that elemental effects, cosmic energy, and earthbound factors can break down the boundary between a life of merit and a life lived in ignorance.  Our awareness of being one with the cosmos will free us from suffering.