Kitchen with a crossed out stove in the centerRecently, I went to see Mr. Wyn’s house. In feng shui terms, his house is categorized as xiong zai, which means “house of doom.”  The plot of land is triangular, getting narrower as you go further in, causing a feeling of compression, irregular energy flow, and lack of energy, or chi. The front entryway has a missing corner making the interior energy unbalanced. In the backyard is a man-made pond with still water. This water element is located in a direction that conflicts with Mr. Wyn’s stomach frequencies.

Inside, the layout of the rooms also defeats the residents’ energy. A long hallway divides the house in half - creating potential for separation or divorce. At the end of this hallway is the master bedroom with the bed aligned directly with the door. A hallway is like the body’s intestines. The negative energies of the hallway directly channeled into a bedroom often cause the people sleeping there to suffer digestive problems. To the other side of the bed is the bathroom, which compounds health problems. Adding to these energy disturbances is the kitchen stove located in the center, or “heart,” of the house -polluting the most vital chi of those who live in it.

Unfortunately, this is a typical California house with feng shui that causes the inhabitants to feel stifled and easily irritated. This extra stress makes them prone to argument, accident, or sickness.

I asked Mr. Wyn how long he and his family have lived in their current house and he told me it has been a year and a half. I recommended that they move out because their well-being is in jeopardy. He then asked me what happens to people living in this house. I told him that it is very likely the previous owner died of intestinal cancer, and before he passed away, he was probably divorced, in several car accidents, and most likely had problems with his children.

I noticed that Mr.Wyn’s face went pale at my response and that his aura and forehead are dark. I asked him if he had seen a doctor lately. He told me he just had surgery for colon cancer and sadly explained that he is also alone now, as his wife left him and took his children. He admitted that he never believed in feng shui because he had always been healthy and had a good relationship with his family. However, since they moved in to this house, he could not believe his bad luck. In desperation, he turned to feng shui.

According to Mr. Wyn’s birth chart, he is a well-educated man and should be enjoying a good career and happy marriage. Yet, suddenly, he lost everything - his wife, children, and health. In the philosophy of feng shui, everyone has a unique energy that radiates from their body. If a house’s energy is not harmonized with a person’s energy, it causes the body’s internal energy to be scattered. Lacking focused energy, it is easy to become anxious and nervous, to say things one does not mean, and to sleep without getting rejuvenating rest. Being unable to think and act at one’s full potential causes instability and attracts negative energy into a person’s life.

Feng shui is about the natural energies of cause and effect, it is a study based on thousands of years of experience that often surpasses realms of modern science. For those who understand it and know how to use it, they are able to live peaceful, harmonious, and productive lives.