Mother and daughter hugging

About the client

Lena lives in a large 6,000 square foot house with her husband, Jim, and their two children, Erica and Will. Lena and Erica are both metal element persons belonging to the western direction pattern. Jim and Will are respectively, fire and wood element persons belonging to the eastern direction pattern.

Q: Why did the client call you?

Master Jenny: Lena explained that the conflicts between she and Erica are the biggest problems in their household. Erica is a self-absorbed teen, hardly home, and has many male friends. No matter what Lena says or does, Erica’s room is always a mess with clothes and unfinished snacks littering the floor. The window blinds are always shut so the room is musty and the walls are covered with rock band posters and photos of her friends. Lena says she doesn’t mind the typical teenage behavior, but it worries her to see Erica always out with boys, which is the main source of their conflicts. She wants to know how she can create a better environment to improve the situation.

Q: What was affecting the client most– the exterior or interior feng shui?

Master Jenny: Both. Exteriorly, the house sits on a hill at the end of a cul-de-sac with empty lots on either side. The vacant lot on the left side - associated with yang or masculine energies - is about twenty feet higher than the right side. Because the right hand side - associated with yin or feminine energies - is lower, Lena and Erica’s energies are weaker, making them vulnerable to problems. Furthermore, because the house sits south and is associated with the fire element, its energies conflict with Lena and Erica’s metal energies. These south fire energies “burn” Lena and Nina, making them prone to hot temper and arguments.

Inside the house, Lena is sleeping in the southeast room, which does not match her. The dark energies of a fireplace and an open closet are both directly aligned to her side of the bed. The southeast direction is also associated with the eldest daughter, so sleeping in the southeast where the energies conflict with Lena’s metal element energies promotes conflicts with Erica.

Erica’s room is in the west, which matches her. However, many factors are involved in proper feng shui, so being in the right direction is not always enough. Three bathrooms and a laundry room (all negative water elements) are also located in the west sector of the house and weaken Erica’s energy. Erica’s bed faces the incompatible north and is a four-poster canopy bed, which can constrain her energies. Lastly, her room is at the end of a dark hallway, compounding the gathering of negative energy in her room.

Q: Did you discover an underlying issue during the consultation?

Master Jenny: Underlying everything is the strong influence of the cosmic energies. In the 20-Year Cycle Nine Star Chart for this house, the south direction hosts the 2 Star, which represents the mother, and the Annual Cycle Nine Star Chart shows the 4 Star in the south, which represents the eldest daughter. The 2 Star, an earth element, and the 4 Star, a wood element, are in conflict. This predicts conflict between mother and daughter.

Q: What is your recommendation for them?

Master Jenny: Erica needs to remove the canopy on her bed and move it to face west instead of north. Mirrors can be placed along the dark hall to brighten these stagnant energies that are directed into her room. Erica should use the earth element to promote her metal energies with yellow, peach, tans, and brown colors, and strong earth element images such as mountain landscapes to ground or stabilize her. Amethyst crystals placed around her bed will enhance mental focus and good judgment. Lena should spend more time in the northwest bedroom to strengthen her energies.