Couple in bedAbout the client:

Mary and her husband, Mark, live in a house that sits on top of a small hill in Glendale. Mary belongs to the water element and is an Eastern Direction Pattern person, while Mark is an earth element person belonging to the Western Direction Pattern. Their house sits northwest and faces southeast.

Q: Why did the client call?

Master Jenny Liu: Mary was experiencing a lot of health problems and sleeplessness. Mark lost his job. Before moving to their current home, they were healthy and Mark’s job was stable. Now, with Mary’s health issues and Mark’s recent setback, they are struggling and not able to move forward in their lives.

Q: Did the geography give any clues about the current feng shui as you drove to their home?

MJL: To get to their home, I had to travel a meandering narrow road with many forks and curves along the hillside. Unlike wider suburban streets and boulevards, small roads are weak carriers of energy. It is important to have positive street configurations that bring energy to a home. Mark and Mary’s home is isolated on top of a hill with a u-shaped street in front, and a downhill street in back. Both of these street configurations carry energy away from their home. Residents in this situation usually experience energy depletion manifesting as money loss or health issues.

Q: What other factors shed light on their current situation?

MJL: Upstairs, the master bedroom is located in the southwest sector, which does not match Mary at all. Their bed is placed against the southwest wall with Mary’s part of the headboard directly over the downstairs’ living room fireplace. Fireplaces are dark, cold shafts of energy when not being used, and burning, drying energy when they are used.

Specifically, because Mary is a water element person and the water element is associated to the head, ear, and kidneys, Mary is prone to head, ear, and lower back aches or neck problems sleeping in the southwest room - especially with the fireplace located underneath her at her head. I noticed that Mary’s eyes have dark circles underneath, and mentioned that it is an indication of depleted kidney energies. Mary gasped and immediately told me she had two neck injuries and suffered constant migraines and lower back pain. She could not sleep and was absolutely miserable. Mary was amazed I revealed this when she had not told me what her health problems were. 

Q: What is the most positive and negative feng shui aspect of the client’s current situation?

MJL: Because Mark and Mary have opposite compatible directions, the main and back doors located in the southeast and north sectors respectively, are only favorable to Mary in promoting wealth. However, this positive aspect for Mary is negative for Mark. There are no doors to bring Mark wealth and he readily admitted that in the last two years that they have lived in the house, Mary has financially done better.

Q: What were some of their key feng shi adjustments?

MJL: Of the 38 adjustments I recommended, key adjustments for Mary’s health were moving her bed, adding promoting crystals and Chi Art for releasing ailments in the southwest room, and sleeping in the southeast room - especially when she did not feel well. For Mark’s career, it was crucial for him to set up a home office in a compatible direction to gather wealth energies and place a pair of lions at the southeast front door to protect him from incompatible energies. Mark also needed mantra charms to enhance his personal energies for getting a new job.


Because Mary and Mark are opposite direction patterns, as most couples are, they realized the importance of making sure the house’s feng shui matches them both before they settle down in their next home. Otherwise, as you can see, it can have confounding effects on both their well-being and their progress in life.