New housing communityA few years ago, Donna and her sister Elsa each purchased a new home and called me for a feng shui consultation. When I arrived at the new housing development in Oxnard, I discovered that Donna and Elsa chose homes diagonally across the street from each other.

Elsa’s family includes herself, her husband, and three children. Her husband and two of the children are Eastern Direction Pattern, while Elsa and the remaining child are Western Direction Pattern.

Donna’s family also includes herself, her husband, and three children. All of them belong to the Western Direction Pattern.

Elsa’s home sits northeast and faces southwest. The garage opens in the southwest/west and the main door to the south. The kitchen is located in the north, facing west. All of these orientations are strong for Elsa. The master bedroom spans the north and northwest sectors of the house. Because the bedroom is oriented partly in an Eastern Direction Pattern and partly in a Western Direction Pattern, it is compatible with both Elsa and her husband. Elsa’s children also have compatible bedrooms in this house that match and support their energy.

After analyzing the rest of the home, I was happy to tell Elsa that she and her family were likely to do very well in this house. A house that matches a family so well is a rare find. In similar cases, I have seen that the income is strong and the children progress.

Donna’s house is across the street so it sits southwest and faces northeast. The garage opens in the north/northeast and the main door to the east. All of the bedrooms are located in the south, southeast, and east sectors of the house, and the kitchen is located in the southwest facing east. This house supports an Eastern Direction Pattern energy, but as I mentioned above, Donna’s whole family is Western Direction Pattern.

Because the house does not naturally support Donna’s family energies, I made many recommendations for adjustment and emphasized that she may need to be more careful of her family’s health and financial well-being. Living in a house that does not have compatible feng shui can bring extra challenges and potential troubles. Without good feng shui, the children may have a hard time focusing on their studies and be vulnerable to illness or prone to making bad friends. They would do better in a more compatible house in the future.

Two years later, Donna did find a new house and asked me to check the feng shui before she made her investment. She told me that her sister Elsa has done extremely well in her home. However, Donna ended up facing many problems in her home over the last two years, which is why she decided to move. Her children were not doing well in school and money was always an issue.

Donna had also experienced many conflicts in her business and could not understand how her sister, who was in the same line of work as herself, was doing so much better. Elsa admitted that money seemed to just roll in for her, while it was always a struggle for Donna. This time around, Donna wanted to make sure she did things right from the start by starting with a compatible house.