NurseClaire recently called and told me she called before about ten years ago. She had wanted to schedule a feng shui consultation when she first called, but something always came up that prevented her from making the appointment. Such was her karma. She intuitively felt that something was wrong with her house and although she moved out of it for a couple of years, she recently moved back in and this time around things are really not going well. She feels sickly all the time, has no energy, is depressed, and can’t seem to move forward in her career. Fortunately, this time she called me, she was able to have me come out and analyze the house as soon as possible.

Approaching her house, I could already tell from the north front door being blocked by the garage and the two dead tree stumps to the left and right of her garage that the people living here are likely to be weak, sickly, and blocked by obstacles.

As I walked into the house, my instinct was confirmed. On some occasions, I encounter a “house of sickness” with very heavy yin energy. Claire’s house is such a house. When I entered the house, a wave of nausea ran through me. It smelled musty and moldy.  The discomfort was so strong that it was difficult to breathe. I explained this to Claire and asked her to open the doors and windows.

Claire belongs to the Western Direction Pattern, so the north door does not match her. The water element associated with the north defeats her inherent southwest earth energies. The southwest also relates to her marriage, uterus, and hormones. Along with the dead trees in the north, there is likely to be some serious ailment, cancer, or death related to this house and those who live in it.

Claire’s eyes opened wide and became teary as she soberly told me that she had been diagnosed with uterine cysts and she had a still birth while living in this house.  Consequently, her relationship with her husband was strained and they began sleeping in separate rooms. Claire’s job as a caregiver exhausts her and she feels further depleted when she comes home. Without respite, her health has gone downhill. She wants to improve her situation but is too sickly to do so.

I proceeded to give her my feng shui recommendations room by room, focusing on the front door first, and then the bedrooms. The house needed to be checked for mold and be properly vented. Ultimately, Claire and her family should move to a better home.

For the front door, I recommended that Claire remove the dead tree stumps and place a pair of lions on either side of the door for protection. If possible, she should remodel the front door to face west instead of being blocked by the garage.

In the master bedroom, the bed is against the windows and in alignment with the bathroom door. This arrangement is draining and aligns Claire with negative energies. I recommended that she change this as soon as possible. Instead of the white decor, I suggested she use warm yellow colors to promote and support her energy.

Regarding Claire’s career, she wanted to become licensed in her profession and increase her chances of being promoted to a better position, but couldn’t seem to get any studying done. Claire usually studied in the southeast dining room because it has windows and is bright. However, the southeast room is associated to the wood element, which depletes Claire’s earth energies. This explains why she feels unmotivated and unfocused. I recommended for her to convert the northwest guest room into a study and place her desk by the window with a solid wall behind her chair for gathering energy.

Claire made the adjustments over the following weeks and called me with updates. With every adjustment she felt better and better. Her husband was skeptical at first, but the changes have been positive for him as well. They’re sleeping in the same room again and their relationship is improving.

The other day, Claire texted me about how energetic and driven she feels now. With her renewed health, she is able to study better and longer. She hopes to get her license soon and be promoted in her work. For the first time in a long while, Claire feels mentally and physically strong and her life has a new beginning.