Feng shui compass with planOlive recently bought her first house. She is divorced and is moving in with her daughter, Casey, and best friend, Mary. She wanted a feng shui analysis right away so I went to her house that afternoon. Upon arrival, I noticed that their house is located on a hillside and that all of the houses across the street are on higher ground. These taller houses suppress the energies of Olive’s house.

From their years of birth, I determined that Olive, Mary, and Casey are all of the Western Direction Pattern, which means their energies are strongest when they are aligned with the west, northwest, southwest, and northeast. Their house sits on a northeast-southwest axis.

Two sets of entry doors open to the north and the west. The north entry door brings in frequencies that are opposite or conflicting with their Western Direction Pattern so I advised them to minimize their use of this door. They should use the west door, which is better for attracting wealth. However, in less than three steps inside of the west door, there are stairs leading down to the lower floor. This downward descent leads into a family room, which opens out to a patio in a yard that is even lower than the house. The general energy of this house moves downward and loses chi. A row of trees planted at the end of their yard would keep the energy from flowing away and two landscape lights pointed towards the house would direct energy right back in. These adjustments would prevent them from losing the wealth energy coming in through the west door.

On the positive side, the interior layout of the houses matches their frequencies exactly. The bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms are all in the correct directions for them.  Casey’s and Mary’s rooms are respectively in the upstairs and downstairs northeast quadrant. I recommended that they both sleep facing west for extra support.

Downstairs in the center is Olive’s bedroom. I recommended that Olive turn her bed so that it faces southwest to support scholarship. It is likely that a person with similar energies will feel comfortable living here. Olive smiled and told me that she recently received a scholarship and is going back to school to get her Ph.D.

Olive wanted to know if she could put her office in the southeast quadrant. I told her that she should ideally be in the northwest room. We walked into the northwest room so that I could show her how to arrange her desk to face southwest while having a solid wall behind her for support.

I looked out the front window of Olive’s new office and pointed out the long line of electricity poles which potentially suppresses and desynchronizes their body’s energy.  Over time, this potentially weakens their immune system and the body’s natural cycles.  So, although the rooms may be compatible, the environment that this house is located in has weaker energies overall.

There are some things Olive can do to adjust the feng shui that helps improve the energies. However, some things such as the downward slope and electricity poles simply cannot be changed. I recommended that this current house be a temporary residence. They should go ahead and make the adjustments and put up the mirrors, wind chimes, and ba gua mirrors as I indicated.

Most importantly, they need to watch their diet, meditate daily, and exercise. If they do all this to strengthen their own energies, they will not be as affected by their environment. However, if they do all this and continue to have problems or encounter trouble, they should consider moving before things get worse.