Residential neighborhoodMrs. A called me to say that she recently lost her job and her daughter left home without telling her where she went.  Distressed by the disharmony in her once connected family, she bought a feng shui book and tried to do the feng shui herself, but things only seemed to get worse.  That’s when she called me.

I explained to Mrs. A that books tend to give general information that may or may not work for everyone.  There are over 130 factors involved in a feng shui analysis and all of them must be considered before an objective conclusion can be made.  Oftentimes, many factors are overlooked or not discussed in books.  Furthermore, a house's energy affects each person in the family differently because energies vary from person to person.  It takes an experienced feng shui practitioner to properly analyze and adjust the feng shui.

Before heading off to Mrs. A's home, I calculated each family member's birth dates to find out what type of energy they had.  Mrs. A, her husband, and her daughter were all born under the Eastern Direction Pattern, which means the strongest directions for them were north, south, east, and southeast.  Their son was Western Direction Pattern making his strongest directions northwest, northeast, southwest, and west.

I arrived at Mrs. A’s home and discovered it was the second house at the back of a duplex.  Living in the back house meant she was separated from the street by another house.  The street is an energy conduit, so being further away from the street and being blocked from it by the front house did not allow Mrs. A's house to absorb its energy.  This is one factor that can attribute to weak house energies.

I evaluated the house's exterior environment, sketched the floor plan, took the luo-pan (feng shui compass) measurements and calculated the Nine Star chart for the house.  The house was on an east/west orientation facing east and sitting west, and the main door faced north.  I pointed out to Mrs. A that the staircase to the upstairs unit over her front door was an unstable source of energy.  Because the staircase was located in the north, it was associated to the water element, which is related to the energies of money, mind power, love, and sex.  This negative energy on the north side of the house could induce financial, mental, and love troubles.

In terms of the orientation, the house was a Western Direction Pattern house, which matched Mrs. A's son but not the rest of the family.  There were only two bedrooms for the four of them, which is much too cramped for four adults.  When there is a lack of space, people feel suffocated, tend to argue, and look for ways to escape.

I told Mrs. A that her house's feng shui could cause her children to attract the wrong type of friends and get into trouble.  Mrs. A nodded and said she was afraid that was what happened with her daughter.  Based on the feng shui and her daughter's energy, I told Mrs. A that it was very likely her daughter was living with her boyfriend.  Mrs. A shook her head and told me that her daughter would not do something like that.  I gently explained that because her daughter was in her mid-twenties, in her year of love, related to the water element (people of this element tend to be more promiscuous), sleeping in the southeast room which has energies of romance, and both the north and west doors of the house induced love affairs, it would have been hard for her to avoid this occurrence no matter how much her parents denied it or tried to stop her.

I made several recommendations to help Mrs. A neutralize the negative energies in her home.  I told her that the temporary adjustments would help, but because she was limited in how much she could change her rented house, she should eventually move into a more suitable house.  Mrs. A agreed, but explained that the house was like a trap. It was hard to earn and save the money needed to move.  I recommended that she meditate to strengthen her energies along with making the feng shui adjustments.  It would take some time, but if she were focused, things would improve.

A few weeks later, Mrs. A called me to clarify some questions from our session. She told me that she found out her daughter was indeed living with her boyfriend and could not believe how I knew.  She asked me if it would have been possible to prevent it had she known about her daughter’s energies earlier.  I told her that it was unlikely that she could have prevented her daughter from coming of age and falling in love, but that she could set up an environment that allows her daughter to have strong energies and good judgement when selecting a partner. Mrs. A sighed and realized the complexity, power, and importance of feng shui when it is used correctly.