Closed shuttersThe other day a very distressed Mrs. Taylor called me on the phone.  She told me of the many problems in her home and said she was most concerned about her son who was either having mental problems or was just very rebellious.  We set up a time for a consultation.

I arrived at her house and walked around the site.  An ascending hill was in front of the house and the land behind the house sloped downward.  It was clearly a backward sitting house, meaning that the "support" mountain was blocking energy from coming in through the front, while the decline in the back allowed the energy to descend and escape from the house.  Ideally, a house is unblocked in the front, allowing energy to enter freely, while supportive mountains are behind the house to act as a container that gathers energy.

Mrs. Taylor’s house faced northeast and sat southwest, which made it a Western Direction Pattern House.  The house did not match Mrs. Taylor and the rest of her family who were all of the Eastern Direction Pattern.  Living in this opposite frequency could promote trouble within the family, as well as with other people.

The first thing I saw when I entered the front door and stood in the hallway was a fireplace.  This direct alignment with fire energies was a potential cause of family arguments, car accidents, and lawsuits.  Mrs. Taylor confirmed that there were plenty of disagreements among the family members.  Also, she and her son were involved in two lawsuits, both from car accidents.

As I toured the house and sketched the floor plan, I could barely open the bedroom doors and walk in to examine the furniture layout.  The rooms were dark and cluttered with clothes and boxes.  Mrs. Taylor told me that the shutters were perpetually closed for privacy.  Her son's walls were covered with violent posters, which could encourage his already rebellious behavior.  I explained to Mrs. Taylor that the rooms had no air circulation and the yin, or negative energy, was overwhelming.  Aside from living in a dark and stagnant room filled with negative frequencies, the son’s bedroom door was aligned with the master bedroom door.  These opposing energies can cause conflict between the occupants of the two rooms.

The left side of the Taylor house, or the yang (masculine) side, contained the energies that affect health and relationships.  Unfortunately, a lower easement with a drainage aqueduct that led water away from the house was located on this side, potentially causing the males living within to experience weak health and unstable relationships.

The stove and a large exposed beam were located in the center, or heart of the house.  The fire element of the stove in the center induces hot temper, while exposed beams suppress heart energies that can cause family members to feel congested and stifled.  The centrally located stove and exposed beam were sources of quarrels and bickering among the Taylor family members.

I was surprised that the Taylors had managed to live in the house for almost ten years as it was a container of sha qi, or harmful and negative energies.  Anyone living in this type of environment was bound to get sick, display abnormal behavior, attract mental problems, and suffer a great deal of trouble and money loss.  Mrs. Taylor admitted that she wanted to move, but could not seem to be able to leave.  She explained that her family has been slowly falling apart ever since they moved in.

Mr. Taylor did not deny anything his wife said and told me that he was doing fine, however his aura was extremely dark and the area around his eyes was black, revealing a lack of kidney energy either from overwork or sexual overexertion. It was apparent that he had succumbed to the ill effects of the house to the point where he was unaware of what the house was doing to him and his family.

I told Mrs. Taylor that they should move out as soon as possible even if they had to temporarily rent an apartment.  In the meantime, they should remove all of the clutter and open the windows to let in fresh air and sun energy to balance and purify the negative yin energies.  I suggested that their son take down the violent posters and replace them with images of nature and personal goals to help him focus and attain peace of mind.

These adjustments did not necessarily fix the feng shui of the house for good, but because the land and structural configuration of the house were extremely poor and could not be altered without great expense, they were a way to temporarily ameliorate some of the negative energies so that the Taylors could live a bit more comfortably while they searched for a new home.

Most importantly, the Taylor family needed to improve their personal energies with meditation, exercise, and diet.  The stronger their personal energies were, the less of an influence their poor environment would have on them.  This first consultation was a big step toward breaking the cycle of the house’s debilitating energies and improving the family’s well-being.