Couple sitting on porch stepsOver a year ago, I did a consultation for a woman named Carla.  Carla was born in the year of the rabbit and her birth element was gen, or earth.  This made her a Western Direction Pattern person, meaning her strongest energies were the northwest, west, southwest, and northeast.

At the time we met, Carla worked in a bank and felt her life was not really going anywhere and she wanted to progress.  “Master Liu,” she said, "I'm 35 years old and I have been working the same 9-5 job for 8 years now with no improvement or change.  All of my friends are married, have children, and own homes.  We all started from the same place and I work just as hard as they do, but I feel left behind.  I decided I needed a change, so here I am in this new apartment.  I want to make sure I do it right this time so I am consulting you."

I told Carla that it is a good idea to get a set of guidelines before renting or buying a home.  That way, one can be sure that at least the basic layout and orientations are correct and supportive.  If the room locations and orientations do not match the resident(s), it is hard to change or improve the feng shui of these fundamental factors.  Nonetheless, there are over 130 factors to consider in a feng shui analysis and many things can be adjusted.

As I began the analysis, Carla crossed her fingers, hoping she had made a good apartment choice.  I first determined that Carla’s apartment complex sat east and faced west.  It would be better for Carla if it sat west and faced east, however, she was located in the northeast unit, which was a positive direction for her.

When I entered the apartment, to the left hand side was the living/bedroom area.  This open area contained the northwest, west, and southwest sectors, all of which matched Carla.  Because her strongest direction was west – especially for finding a mate - I recommended she put her bed in the west part of the room.  I also suggested that she use earth tone colors for her bedding to promote these energies further.

The southwest corner contains the planetary energies that enhance income, fame, and promotion. I recommended for Carla to place her desk in this corner with an image of a bright yellow sunrise behind her.  The sun is a yang, (masculine) energy that is complementary to the yin (feminine) southwest energies.  The sunrise is also a positive visual that represents power and stimulates new beginnings.

The bathroom toilet and kitchen stove were both located in Carla’s negative directions of the north and southeast, respectively, which was ideal.

The negative factors of the apartment were minor and adjustable.  One example was the wall to the right of the main entry.  A wall on the right hand side blocks yang energies, as well as the energies of generating income.  Ideally, there is open space on both sides of the main door.  I recommended that Carla place a mirror on the wall to the right to reflect the open energies of the left side, which would create a sense of balance.

Another negative factor was Carla’s south facing door.  I explained that the south door frequencies did not match her.  However, because she was of the earth energy, which is promoted by the fire energies associated to the south, she might not be affected by it too much if she incorporated wood elements such as green plants or a blue doormat to neutralize the fire energies.  I also recommended placing a ba-gua or empowered charm behind the door to release negative energies.

Before I left, I taught Carla some meditation techniques to improve her personal energy to attract prosperity and romantic relationships.

A year later, Carla called me from New Mexico, “Master Liu, I did everything you told me to do in my last apartment.  During the year I lived there, I got two promotions and raises.  I also met a wonderful man and we just got married.  He is a doctor and his work brought me out to New Mexico.  Everything in my life is going so smoothly, I want to make sure this continues for me.  I believe the good feng shui of my apartment was a big part of it because prior to that, my life simply did not go anywhere.  I am sending you my floor plan so you can 'feng shui' my new house!"

This case shows that when the existing feng shui of a home matches the person living in it and they know how to adjust the energies to promote their well-being, the results are usually very satisfying.  Please remember that recommendations are unique for each person and place.