Luxury house with swimming poolParticipants at my feng shui seminars often tell me they have read a couple of feng shui books and are truly intrigued by the philosophy.  Based on their questions and reports of mixed success achieved from following the advice in the books, I can tell that there is a lot of confusion.

Due to the limited and subjective nature of the written language, it is often difficult to translate the full spectrum of information and experience required to properly assess and adjust a building’s feng shui into book form.  Plus, the effectiveness of feng shui relies upon interaction between the unique energies of the people inhabiting the space and the environment.  Feng shui is not a one-size-fits-all application, and yet a book about feng shui cannot be tailored to each individual who reads it. Because of this, books impart generalized information, which is often misleading to the layman.

The following case of the Madison family illustrates how the same environment affects each family member uniquely and requires unique feng shui adjustments.  The Madison family includes Tom and Darcy, and their daughter, Cynthia.  Tom and Darcy are Western Direction Pattern, meaning their strongest directions are northwest, west, southwest, and northeast.  Cynthia is Eastern Direction Pattern so her strongest directions are north, south, east, and southeast. They have lived in a beautiful home situated in the Hollywood hills overlooking the city for almost twenty years.

Seeing the elegant swimming pool, the maid’s room, and the immaculately furnished interior, one would think that the Madison family is well off.  Compared to most, they do live comfortably.  However, taking a closer look, there is more to this comfortable appearance than meets the eye.

Darcy, who had asked me to do the feng shui on her home, is not your average woman.  She is a strong, dedicated woman who has sacrificed much of her personal energy to keep her home looking and feeling the way it does, for the house does not possess naturally positive feng shui for the Madisons.

We’ll look at the orientation of the house first.  The Madison house is on a north/south orientation with the main door opening to the west.  Having been remodeled after the 1994 earthquake, their house is categorized as a 7th Cycle house (a building constructed or remodeled between 1984 and 2003).  The Grand 7th Cycle Chart and the annual Nine Star Chart indicate that the energies of this house can induce trouble - especially conflict between males and females and unexpected expenses.  The residents who live here are also prone to bad habits such as drugs, drinking, and gambling.

The north/south orientation does not match either Tom or Darcy’s Western Direction Pattern frequencies.  However, it does match Cynthia because she is an Eastern Direction Pattern person.

The backside of the house is butted up against the hillside.  Though this means that the house is supported by hills, which generally offer stability, there is a house on the hill that was foreclosed in the middle of construction.  Because this disturbed and broken earth energy is on the east side of the Madison’s property, it can induce lawsuit or personal violation.  Darcy revealed that she is in the middle of a lawsuit regarding the reconstruction because it makes their backyard vulnerable to landslide.

The left hand side of the property, representing the masculine energy potential, is a steep, downward sloping hill.  This indicates that it is not easy for money to be earned and that Tom’s energy, being the masculine energy of the house, is not supported.  However, Darcy intuitively planted a row of tall bushes and several trees in that area that helps keep the energy from escaping.

The house itself is L-shaped, which is an asymmetrical shape that does not allow energy to flow evenly throughout the house.  The center of the house, which is considered the heart of the house, is located outside of the structure, which could deplete the Madison’s energy and security.  French doors and full-length windows on almost every perimeter wall also release too much energy, making it difficult to gather and contain health and wealth energy.

The master bedroom is located on the east side of the house, which again does not promote Darcy or Tom’s well-being.  Cynthia sleeps in the northeast room, which does not promote her energy either. Sleeping in the wrong direction creates lack of focus, irritability, potential illness, and the overall inability to reach one’s full potential.

Finally, the Madison’s main door opens directly into a bathroom, which is a negative source of energy.  Once again, Darcy instinctively insisted that the bathroom door remain shut.  This means that any positive energy entering the home will not escape into the bathroom, but will be dispersed throughout the house.  It also helps that Tom and Darcy enter the house through the attached garage on the northwest side of the house, which is a stronger direction for them than the main door.

All of the above factors make it difficult for the Madisons to be financially stable.  I ask Darcy if they’d had any of the problems I mentioned above during the twenty years they had lived in the house.  Darcy responded that they hadn’t.  Her family rarely argues and they have family meetings to talk things out.  They feel stable as a family unit and everyone is in good health.  However, Darcy admitted to feeling drained from trying to do whatever she could to earn money, pay the bills, and maintain stability and good health.

Part two of this article continues with how Darcy is able to create the appearance of well-being in this house, but at a cost to her personal energy.