Mother serving breakfast to childrenPart one of this article outlined some of the issues that made the Madison’s house financially unstable and prone to negative energies.  Even though the layout and orientation of the house poses potential problems for the Madisons, there are 130 factors that influence our life.  The feng shui of our environment is only one of these 130 factors.

Some of these factors are predestined, such as our birth date, parents, and background; while others are adjustable, such as career, education, partner selection, diet, and environment.  Each of the factors has a certain impact on our success in life.  Our goal is to make as many of these adjustable factors benefit us by adjusting the environment with feng shui.

As I stated at the end of part one of this article, it is Darcy’s energy that helps them overcome the many negative feng shui influences of their house.  The average person would not fare well in the Madison’s house, but Darcy is a special case.  Because Darcy knows how to take care of her family’s health and makes sure her family communicates, she minimizes trouble.  She intuitively makes negative factors positive and strong.  By promoting her family’s health, they are less vulnerable to the negative feng shui factors.

Darcy smiled when I mentioned this and her eyes sparkled.  Darcy has extremely high standards and expectations.  She is a versatile woman with many skills and psychic powers and she runs the house and several side businesses to help with the bills and unexpected expenses. She practices herbal medicine, cooks only nutritious food, and she exercises daily.  She wants only the best for her family.  She spends quality time with her teenage daughter and encourages her family to live a balanced life.

However, I intuited that the negative energies may be catching up with her and that this super woman is becoming weary.  It is in Darcy’s nature to be full of energy and active all the time, so I couldn’t ask her to do less than she is capable of accomplishing.  The problem is that Darcy is becoming unfocused, so her usual multi-tasking is less efficient and starting to cause problems.  There is a tendency for her to feel scattered and she is struggling now to achieve her goals.

Darcy’s birth chart shows a masculine energy that tends to be stronger than her husband’s.  This indicates that she will work harder than most women.  At this point in her life, she is within a ten-year cycle of weak money energy.  This means it is difficult for her to earn money, no matter how much work she does, and that she tends to help others more than she helps herself.  Darcy agrees this is true.  However, she is at the end of this ten-year cycle and is entering a new cycle next year.  If she focuses her energy in the new cycle, I believe she can maintain her busy lifestyle and achieve phenomenal results.

I set to work making recommendations that will change the negative energy in the house into an environment that supports and promotes the Madisons.  Because Darcy’s energy is integral to the family’s well-being, I focus on her sleeping space.  Being of the Western Direction Pattern, sleeping in the east master bedroom does not reinforce her energy.  Our energy is replenished when we sleep.  If we sleep in a room that is not compatible with our frequencies, we make withdrawals on our energy without making deposits and create imbalance.

Because of the asymmetrical design of the house, there are no compatible directions for Darcy to sleep in.  I strongly recommend that she at least work in the northeast room.  This adjustment, along with establishing energy in the missing sectors of the house (particularly the center), and Darcy’s intuitive adjustments mentioned in part one of this article, should help to balance the energies of the entire house.  Balance allows for focus, which is exactly what Darcy needs.

I also recommend that Darcy, Tom, and Cynthia meditate daily so that they can concentrate their mental energies.  This allows them to develop their intuition so they will be efficient and make good decisions.

It is important to remember that even if the Madisons make all of the adjustments, because of the existing feng shui, they can only attain about 60% positive feng shui.  Nonetheless, this is an improvement that should benefit them.  If the Madison family has done this well without the benefits of strong feng shui, I believe that once they make the changes, the results will only be better.