Sheet musicTheo calls and tells me he has saved enough money for a feng shui consultation and that he is ready for me to come to his home.  He is middle-aged, works in production on movie sets, and has a deep passion to become a musician, but he feels stuck.  I can tell right away that Theo is an earnest man who is serious about feng shui.

I gather Theo’s birthday information and calculate that it is his year of challenge and that he is a Western Direction Pattern person, meaning that his positive directions are northeast, northwest, southwest, and west.

Driving up to his home, I notice the street he lives on gradually gets narrower and concludes at a dead end.  As I park in front of his home, I notice there is a wind chime and bagua mirror over his front door.  He is obviously acquainted with feng shui.  My eyes follow the reflection in the bagua mirror and arrive at a six-foot high cement block wall across the street.  It is a cold gray wall that has some decorative tall grass growing in front of it to soften its hardness.  I walk up to Theo’s front door as he calls out a greeting.

Theo gives me a tour of his house starting with the main entry, which is flanked by two walls creating a dark and narrow foyer. This closed in foyer weakens the energy coming into the house.  I mentally note that the front door is in the north and directly aligns with a fireplace.  I explain to Theo that the combination of his incompatible north door with his year of challenge can bring the middle-aged male harm, injury, or accident - especially related to the head or kidney areas.  He must also be particularly cautious of car accident, drunk drivers, tricky people, money loss, and extreme challenges in his business.

Theo’s office is located within the north sector to the immediate right of the front door as you enter.  Belonging to the Western Direction Pattern, this does not match Theo and is particularly negative for him this year.  Theo was taken by surprise with this analysis as the previous feng shui consultant had only used the bagua and did not offer any insight into annual energies.

Theo also confides that he was in an accident a couple of weeks ago.  A drunk driver crashed head on into his car and Theo barely missed being injured.   He has also bumped his head into posts and bars at work several times.

Financially, the house does not match Theo.  I tell him that money does not stay in this house and with the dead end street on the yang side of his house (associated to generation of income and helpful people), he tends to feel very independent and alone in his work.  He admits this is all true, which is why he wants to adjust the feng shui. Although Theo is good at what he does, it is not the true passion of his life.  He is a musician at heart and wants to compose and create his own album.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to because he spends all of his time and energy making a living.

Among the feng shui adjustments Theo needs to do, the priorities are covering up the fireplace facing his front door, moving his office to the northwest room, adding a fountain outside to stimulate wealth, and placing mantra charms in the main entry to release the negative energies of the incompatible north door.

In the long run, Theo should not stay in this house, as it does not support him.  It is exactly his opposite and brings him many challenges that drain him. Aside from the obvious recommendation to find a better home, I emphasize that he needs to do his work in the northwest room.  Theo smiles and tells me that although it is the smallest room, he is able to be creative in there.  Hopefully, he will no longer be the silent musician.

Theo returned a couple weeks later for a birth chart reading.  He tells me that after he covered the fireplace and installed a fountain, unexpected money came in!  Not only did business go up, he got a nice tax return he didn’t expect to get at all.  It’s going to be a lot of work, but he tells me he can’t wait to move his office and start making music.