Construction hat and blueprintMr. Wu owns a restaurant in a good location. Ever since his grand opening, he has done very well bringing in at least $30,000 every month with customers always waiting to be served.

Because the restaurant was so busy and crowded he had to expand, in doing so, he also invited his two brothers into the business. To minimize business loss, they quickly remodeled and enlarged the restaurant.

Not long after their expansion, business went down dramatically, which resulted in bitter disputes between Mr. Wu and his brothers. They constantly blamed each other and could not come to any agreements nor solve any problems.

Mr. Wu called me on referral from a friend and asked me what has happened to his customers? The food is the same, there are more waiters and tables, and he has advertised in all the local papers. It simply did not make any sense to him. Mr. Wu has never believed in feng shui, however in his desperate situation, he has no choice but to try an alternative solution.

I analyzed the restaurant’s feng shui and I read Mr. Wu and his two brothers’ birth charts, auras, their past lives, their face and palms, and consulted the Yi Jing. Of the three brothers, only Mr. Wu’s birth chart indicated that he is suited to the restaurant business. His brothers are better suited to real estate and electronics.

All three brothers have strong potentials for running their own business and being the boss, so working in partnership together is not promoting. Each of them needs to exert power and be in control. With three strong opinions and solutions, little can be accomplished without chaos.

Hearing this, the three brothers all shared a good laugh and admitted that this was true. The older brother owns several apartments and the younger brother has a computer business. Since their joint venture, the money they have earned in their respective businesses has been used to help pay the restaurant’s loss. Because of this, Mr. Wu felt guilty and obliged to let his brothers make decisions, even though they did not have restaurant experience. Consequently, Mr. Wu lost control of his business.

As for the feng shui, when they expanded and remodeled the restaurant, the main door was moved to the northwest corner, which allowed negative frequencies to enter. These frequencies were not compatible with Mr. Wu and his brothers, causing low business volume. Across the street from the entry is a large parking structure. I recommend using reflective materials or the color blue to counteract this negative energy and change the main entry door to the southeast to improve business.

Because Mr. Wu and his brothers are promoted by cooler tones such as green, blue and purple I recommended they change the interior colors to reflect this. They should also move the aquarium to the south and their cashier to the left, or east side of the entry to stimulate prosperity.

Before you go into business with someone, make sure that your birth charts are compatible and don’t carelessly remodel. When you remodel or expand, you change the form and energy of your home or work place. If you make the wrong alterations, you might induce personal harm, money loss, or unknowingly invite problems.