Hands cradling heart symbolWhen we near the end of a year and prepare for the coming lunar new year, many people make adjustments in their environments to benefit from the changing annual energies. To make your feng shui adjustments more effective, integrate clearing and blessing to empower your items.

Performing a clearing or purification on the crystals and adjustment items are important prior to empowering them. Part of purification is the simple act of cleaning and polishing the crystals and statues with our own hands. We rarely know where new items or secondhand items (antiques or hand me downs) have been and the energies they have absorbed. Crystals can be purified by soaking them in sea salt water and exposing them to the rising sun or full moon energy. Statues can be purified with fire through circling them with burning sage or sandalwood incense. Special purification mantras and meditations can be done to clear the items as well. Once items are purified, it becomes open to receiving your energies. Doing this makes a big difference in the effectiveness of your adjustments.

You can make adjustments in your home or office with plants, artwork, mirrors, or crystals. When you empower these items, you imbue them with the energy of your intention. This connection with them is crucial. This acknowledgement of their existence is an appreciation that creates the power of manifestation. For higher effectiveness, when you are unsure how to do this, it is wise to seek a Master who is skilled in blessing to perform the empowerment or train you properly. Masters have a deep meditation practice and are able to channel universal energies. They can transfer that energy to items and people. Empowered items become imbued with life force.

The effectiveness of feng shui adjustments vary depending on the compatibility of your feng shui, your personal energies and your karma. If your karma is extremely heavy, unempowered items may not be as affective as empowered items in creating positive shift you need.

One of the simplest ways to promote positive change in your life is to give thanks for the food you eat. By appreciating the food you about to partake with a blessing, grace, or a moment of intention-filled silence, you are actually empowering the food. Many studies have shown that this mind, body and soul connection affects the water molecules in food which becomes an integral part of our transformation as we digest and utilize its energy. In some cultures, they have a practice of eatting with their hands as they believe it transfers their energy to the food before they digest it. 

You can apply this to everything around you. When you are cooking food for your family, you can recite a mantra or have positive thoughts to imbue the food with the energy of your love and care. This is empowerment in its most basic form. When you massage somebody, your touch does more than ease their muscle tension. There is an actual energy transfer if you do it with intention, sending healing and positive wishes. Likewise, if you are tired and upset, you can transfer negative energy as well. The person who receives a massage filled with good intentions heals on a deeper level than one who only receives a purely physical therapy. The healer who does this receives the energy of appreciation which releases any negative energy they may have absorbed in the process of energy transfer.

Thus, as you can see, the crystals, elephants, or a plants used in feng shui adjustments are holders of energy. The effectiveness depends the quality of the item as well as your the energy of your intention. When you can do your adjustments in this way, you will see miracles happen.