Chinese red doorThe following is one of the many varied questions and answers discussed at an actual Tea Time workshop.

Master Liu:  The topic today is doorways and entrances. First, we must define “doorway.”  Many people think a doorway is just the front door to their house or business, but any portal that takes you from outside to inside, or vice versa, is considered a door. From your environment to the gate of heaven is a door. The exit from a freeway to your destination is a door. The harbor is the door from the ocean to the mainland. The community gate is a door.

Master Jenny:  The marker telling you that you’ve left one city and entered another city is a door. In this session, we will be concentrating on the doorway to your house, because that is the one you are most intimately connected to.

Master Liu:  You must be very careful with doors because they relate to your internal energy. Where is the door in your body?  Your mouth and nose are the door, taking in the oxygen and nutrition that are necessary to live. If you absorb good oxygen, you become healthy. If you absorb negative energy like pollution and toxins, you will poison your body and become sick. Similarly, some doors are compatible to you and some are not. The compatible doors benefit you, and the incompatible doors bring negativity. You must be very careful to choose the right door for you and your family. 

Master Jenny:  The size of the door, it’s location, what it is aligned to, it’s color, the material it is made of, what’s in front of the door, what’s inside of the door – all of these influence you. Remember that your house is an extension of your body. Since the door represents the nose and the mouth, you want it to absorb positive energy and therefore, face a positive direction that matches you. 

Master Liu:  To find a compatible door to you, you must check your astrology and pay attention to your feelings - your intuition. When you walk through a door, you will get a feeling for if you like it or not. A small door might in a big house might make you feel uncomfortable, or vice versa. You can’t explain it, it just feels unbalanced, and that unbalanced feeling transfers into your personal energy.

How big is a big house and how small is a small house? A house 1500 square feet or less is considered small. If you put big double doors in a small house, you will get trouble.  Money comes in and money goes out too easily and you’ll be poor all the time. If your house is 2000-4000 square feet, you can use double doors.

It is very important to remember that the cosmic energies change every year and you’ll feel different, so you must check your birth chart every year. If you see that good energy is coming, you must absorb it by making adjustments to the doorway that will attract it. It’s just like when you are fishing and fish start passing by – you want to open the fish net and cast it. The kind of fish net you need depends what kind of fish are passing by. For big fish, you need big fish net. For small fish - a small fish net. Adjust your door so that it correctly absorbs the energy coming into it.

Tea Time Guest:  What is the influence of doors with windows in them?

Master Jenny:  It depends. When there are windows in the door, you have to make sure you maintain your privacy and that the windows do not make it easy for someone to break into your house. On the other hand, if the inside of your doorway is very dark, windows in the door will allow for more light, which is good.

Master Liu:  If the window in the door is strong and thick enough, it is very good for protection.  If it’s just a regular window, it’s no good. 

Master Jenny:  If the window in a door is too big, then the whole object is considered more of a window than a door.

Tea Time Guest:  So french doors are not necessarily considered to be doors? They would be more like windows and you wouldn’t want to use them for your front door.

Master Jenny:  That’s right.

Master Liu:  It is good to have different door options. Let’s say you are eastern direction pattern, but your front door is in a western direction pattern and you feel uncomfortable and have bad luck all the time. If you have a side or back door in one of your compatible directions, then you can come and go through that door.

Master Jenny:  If you do not have that option, all we can do is make a feng shui adjustment to your front door. Let’s say you are an east/wood person and your door opens in the west and is metal. Wood and metal conflict, but if in your birth chart the water element promotes you, we can use water to adjust the metal energy in the form of a fountain or a black doormat. That might adjust the energy 20-30% which is always better than negative energy. Some people think that whenever you adjust the feng shui, you should have 100% improvement, but that’s not the case.

Tea Time Guest:  What guardian animals should you have outside your door?

Master Jenny:  There are many different types. There are elephants, lions, turtles and so forth. It depends on the orientation of the house, color of the sculpture, material of the sculpture, size, proportion to the house, positioning of the animal, and what animals personally promote you. Each case is individual.

Master Liu:  The color of your door is also very important. The color must be compatible with the direction of the door, the flying star of the door, and your individual astrology. Both the color and material should be associated with elements that promote you and your family.