Stack of folded sheetsWhen we think of our house not only as an extension of our body, but as our body, it becomes extremely clear what we need to do. Do we want to fill our bodies with junk? Or do we want to fill our bodies with things of nourishment, healing and joy?

Like clogged arteries and intestines that cannot deliver nutrition to us, a home full of clutter is stagnant and we receive very little support from it. It is like being overweight, carrying excess that burdens our health, destroys our self-esteem and makes our endeavors difficult. Once we shed the heavy barriers, we liberate ourselves.

I often tell my clients that you cannot achieve your goals until you overcome and release negative energy in your way. Anyone willing to make the effort can accomplish this. Decluttering is fundamental to effective feng shui adjustments. Even more so is setting up a self-sustaining system of organization that creates long-term positive habits. The KonMari Method can help you attain this. Once you master how to maintain a clutter free environment, you set the stage in which feng shui adjustments can effectively do their work and bring you benefits.

Behind the Scenes of Jenny’s Tidying Up!

Nightstand Color swatches taped to wall Dragon Emperor Chi Art painting by Chi-Jen Liu

I decided to get rid of an old reclining rocker that I used for breastfeeding and bedtime stories with the kids. The frame has some loose parts, so I don’t use it often anymore. I replaced it with a chaise and added a reading light. In our night stands were miscellaneous items like old story books, burping cloths, sleeping socks, heating pad, crocheting needles and yarn. These are things that are no longer used and forgotten. I removed them and replaced them with my Kindle, journal, water bottle, essential oils, foot lotion, and acupuncture massager. On our nightstands are lamps with worn lampshades, a battery alarm clock, and photos from our honeymoon and wedding. I will update the lampshades and our photos to reflect more current happy memories. My husband has to keep his cellphone by his bed due to his work as a physician. I will add an EMF neutralizer on his phone to minimize our exposure to EMFs during sleep.

Our bedroom walls are currently painted with a subtle hand-sponged pattern of light blue and soft green. It is extremely calming to be in. I do wish to be more energized in this room. Since both my husband and I are promoted by the water element, we have selected to paint the headboard wall a deeper majestic ocean blue. To contrast the solidity of the darker wall, I use a textured comforter with a variety of blue hues. Over the headboard, we will keep the Chi Art, “Dragon Emperor” which represents the benevolent protection of the heavens.

All in all, our bedroom consists of our bed, two nightstands, one large artwork, a chaise, lamps and only clothes that spark joy. Both my husband and I enjoy keeping our bedroom simple and open. Likewise, this peaceful room supports an honest and warm relationship for us.

What does the bedroom mean to you? For some, it may be to attract a mate or re-ignite intimacy with their partner. For myself, the main function of the bedroom is for healing therapy, reflection and meditation, reconnecting with my husband, sleeping and recharging. For my husband, it is where he winds down by watching his favorite shows or listening to an audio book before falling asleep. The bedroom is where we share our thoughts, joke around and catch up on our day with our children. Here are my top tips on how to make the most of your bedroom:

  • Ask yourself how you would like to use your bedroom and what you hope to achieve in this room.
  • Look at each piece of furniture, accessory, and art work and ask if each item is necessary and supports your goals in your bedroom.
  • Remove what you do not need to make space and add what you lack. Sometimes, all you lack is space, and simply removing items creates this!
  • If you know your promoting elements, this would be a good way to select the color, decor and meaningful items into your bedroom.

"Once you master how to maintain a clutter free environment, you set the stage in which feng shui adjustments can effectively do their work and bring you benefits."

~Jenny Liu, Feng Shui Master