1. Woman doing yoga Get good sleep. Besides getting enough sleep, you need quality sleep. Sleeping in a spacious, symmetrical, balanced room in a compatible orientation is crucial to your well-being. During sleep, your mind goes into its subconscious state increasing your focus and tapping into your intuitive self, allowing you to understand what is going on in your conscious realm so you can better create balance. Make your bedroom a sacred place with fresh air. Keep the head of your bed against a solid wall away from doorways and disruptive elements.
  2. Create a space of your own. You need to have a retreat where you can recharge your batteries and reflect. This can be a hobby room, library, meditation area, or exercise room. If you have no room in the house to claim as yours, join a gym, go to the beach, or find a spot in the garden. Even a journal can provide release. It is vital to reclaim yourself and to remember who you are and why you are here.
  3. Use your promoting elements whenever you can. Find out what your promoting elements are – fire, water, earth, metal, or wood – from your life map. Use them in your room, wardrobe, car, jewelry, office, and surrounding artwork. If your life map reveals you are lacking certain elements, then you need to use them to create balance in your system. This helps you become more whole and focused.
  4. Surround yourself with affirmations. Ask yourself who and what makes you happy, strong, confident, and peaceful, and then surround yourself with these meaningful messages. If it is your faith, put up positive images that communicate how your faith makes you happy or peaceful. Stimulate your subconscious mind with memories of special events and put up your diplomas, licenses, awards, trophies, and images of anniversaries and friendships. Incorporate inspiring art and empoweredChi Art to stimulate your subconscious. Be sure to remove anything that does not make you feel good or strong.
  5. Exercise. Both mental exercise through meditation as well as physical exercise is vital for women. The body and the mind are connected. Physical ailments can occur due to emotional stress despite a regular exercise regime so be mindful in your exercise. Clear your mind, think of positive things or simply focus on the exercise at hand and the miracle that is your body. It is counterproductive if you run a mile while dwelling on the problems at work. In doing so, you can unknowingly create blockages that manifest as chronic pains or injuries. Studies show exercise releases hormones that releases stress. You can also release mental and physical obstructions with meditation and visualization.
  6. Take care of yourself just as you take care of others. Women spend a lot of their lives taking care of other people, ignoring their own needs. Your self-image is vital to your well-being. Just as when you walk into a cluttered room you feel uneasy, tired, uptight, and stressed; if you look in the mirror and are unhappy with what is reflecting back, it affects how you feel about yourself, how you behave, how you come across to others, how you treat yourself and therefore, how others treat you. Making time to take care of yourself in the best way possible – both mentally and physically – allows you to remain strong, energetic, and healthy, so that you can successfully meet the demands of home, children, and career.
  7. Appreciate others. For every person you come into contact with every day, find something you sincerely like about them and appreciate. Share that appreciation with a compliment. Let them know that you appreciate them for who they are and for what they do for you. All that love comes right back to you and does miraculous things.
  8. Learn something new. Keep your mind open and stimulated. When you learn something new, you give yourself a new resource to use in life. When you learn yoga, martial arts, or feng shui, there is always some way you can apply these things to different aspects of your life. Learn how to spend your money and time wisely, how to make investments, and how to better your life. Learn something new to give yourself a lift.
  9. Try new ways of doing things. Taking a new approach to something can make all of the difference in the outcome. You may discover new options or solutions that never occurred to you before. Sometimes simply changing your perspective manifests positive change. Stop, reflect, meditate and take a new approach. It will change your life.
  10. Ask for help. Oftentimes, women do not ask for help because they do not want to burden others. It is also very difficult for a woman to say “no” when she is asked for help. Women do so much and usually do not want to trouble other people. This can lead to stress, being overextended, and not being able to do things well. Be very selective regarding who you help. If you are helping a situation that cannot get better, your effort is in vain and the attempt drains your energy. Know whom you should help, understand your limitations, and get help yourself when you need it. The bottom line is, you cannot help others if you are not strong yourself.