Diverse group of womenWomen are our grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, and our cherished friends. Can you imagine a world without women? Women are the creators of life. They are the nurturers who instinctively think of others before themselves. Women lead with their heart and are often the steadfast warriors working behind the scenes, seldom taking credit for all that they actually do.

Be Aware of the Imbalance

Mother kissing her daughterToday’s women have a lot on their plates. They wear many hats. The pressures of society, family, media, religion, and work require them to be superhuman. They need to be smart, think fast, make money and stay beautiful. If they are single, they strive to find a good partner. If they are married, they are expected to keep their spouses happy and loyal. If they have children, they need to take care of them. Even if they have a job, women still shoulder the bulk of household duties, and in many situations, she cares for elderly parents.

Fulfilling these expectations leave little time for women to tend to their own needs. Women’s ailments – breast and uterus cancers, fibroids, strokes, depression, auto-immune deficiencies, high blood pressure and heart attacks – are increasing. The numbers are unsettling and women are experiencing these ailments at much younger ages. Many women suffer with fibromyalgia - an ailment in which the body aches all over. These are the very disturbing results of imbalances that women face today.

In general, women’s pay is lower than a man’s, even if they possess similar qualifications and do the same work. Women are expected to work harder, deal with unfair treatment and earn less. If women have children, or want to have children, they are often passed up for promotions due to concerns that they cannot live up to their job expectations because their family takes priority. It is expected that women will tend to the family, giving men more leeway in the workplace.

Woman in classroomToday, women do have more presence in the workplace, but to be equal to men, there is still quite a ways to go.

Just being aware of the imbalance does not solve the problems they cause. It is important for women to create environments in which they are supported and explore ways to bring balance into their lives. Making space for themselves, learning to receive and having self-compassion are ways women can thrive.

Make Space for Yourself

Young girl sitting in mother's lap in front of computerWomen need to learn how to take care of themselves just as they take care of others. Women tend to place their own needs last. A positive self-image is vital to our well-being. Just as walking into a cluttered room makes us feel uneasy, tired, uptight, and stressed, looking in the mirror and seeing an unhappy reflection affects our self esteem, our behavior, and our impression to others. It is often an indication of how we treat ourselves and therefore, how we allow others to treat us. Carving out time to focus on self-care is essential in creating the right attitude, stamina, and vitality to fully meet the demands of home, children, and career.

Self-care starts with a night of quality sleep, ideally eight hours. This can seem like a lot, but because the body wakes up several times during the night, only about 10-20% is deep sleep. The amount of deep sleep has been shown to have a direct correlation to how the body fights off infections. During a good night’s sleep, your mind goes into its subconscious state and awakens your intuition. If you can incorporate meditation, breathing exercises and affirmations before sleep, this can help you process daily issues, clear disturbing energies and manifest life goals.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary for rest. Sleeping in an uncluttered, clean room with good air circulation sets your body and mind at ease. Rooms that are symmetrical in shape create a sense of stability and security. Having your bed in a compatible orientation allows you to align and “plug” into the earth’s magnetic fields “recharging” you as you sleep.

Young woman joggingDaily exercise is just as important as sleep. Exercising releases hormones that release stress. Both mental exercise through meditation as well as physical exercise is vital for women. The body and the mind are connected. Physical ailments can occur due to emotional stress despite a regular exercise regime so be mindful in your exercise. It is counterproductive if you run a mile while dwelling on the problems at work. In doing so, you can unknowingly create blockages that manifest as chronic pains or injuries. You can also release mental and physical obstructions through energy practices such as meditation, visualization, chi gong, and reiki.

Women rarely have a space of their own. Create a retreat where you can recharge your batteries and reflect. This can be a hobby room, library, meditation area, or exercise room. If you have no room in the house to claim as yours, join a gym, go to the beach, or find a spot in the garden. Even a journal can provide release. It is vital to reclaim yourself and to remember who you are and why you are here.

Use your promoting elements whenever you can. Find out what your promoting elements are – fire, water, earth, metal, or wood – from your Life Map. Use them in your room, wardrobe, car, jewelry, office, and surrounding artwork. If your Life Map reveals you are lacking certain elements, then you need to use them to create balance.

Young woman listening via headphones in natureSurround yourself with affirmations. Ask yourself what makes you happy and confident, then surround yourself with these meaningful messages. If it is your faith, put up positive images that communicate how your faith makes you peaceful. Stimulate your subconscious mind with memories of special events and put up your diplomas, licenses, awards, trophies, and images of anniversaries and friendships. Incorporate inspiring art to stimulate your subconscious. Be sure to remove anything that does not make you feel good.

Learn to Receive

Women in gymAsk for help. Oftentimes, women do not ask for help because they do not want to burden others - yet, it is very difficult for women to say “no” when they are asked for help. This can lead to stress, feeling overextended, and not being able to do things well. Learn to be selective regarding who you help. If you are helping a situation that cannot get better, your effort is in vain and the attempt drains your energy. Know who you can truly help, respect your limitations, and get help yourself when you need it.

Learn something new to give yourself a lift. Taking classes, joining clubs, and reading books stimulates your mind and brings inspiration. When you learn something new, you give yourself a new resource to use in life. When you learn yoga, healthy cooking, or a new language, there is always some way you can apply these things to different aspects of your life. Spend time with people you can learn from. You may discover new options or solutions that never occurred to you before. Sometimes simply changing your perspective manifests positive change. Now, more than ever, there are boundless ways available on YouTube showing us how to be more effective in everything we do.

Cultivate Self-Compassion

Women volunteers taking selfieMiracles are created through appreciation. For each person you come into contact with every day, find something you sincerely like about them. Share that appreciation with a compliment. Let them know that you are grateful for who they are and for what they do for you. All that love comes right back to you. But, most of all, remember to be compassionate to yourself as well. Sometimes, it is that declaring moment when we decide to be kind to ourselves that we change our lives for the better.