House entranceEntrances are considered the mouth of the house, bringing in vital universal energy just as the mouth brings in the nutrition your physical body needs to survive. The direction in which your main door is located and its facing orientation (the direction you are facing when looking out at the street from the doorway) should match the energy of you and the other residents for optimal well-being. Your personal energy is determined using calculations based on your birth date and is categorized as either Western Direction Pattern, or Eastern Direction Pattern.

If your energy is of the Western Direction Pattern, you do best using a door that is located, or sitting, within the west, northwest, southwest, or northeast sectors of the house. The door should also be facing these directions. If you are of the Eastern Direction Pattern, the north, south, east, and southeast sitting and facing doors promote you. If your home has a side entrance or a back entrance and these are more compatible with certain members of the family than the main entrance, they are better served by using whichever door matches their energy.

Ideally, there is a wide-open space in front of the main doorway, such as a view of the ocean, cityscape, or park, that gathers positive energy into the house. When an entrance is blocked by a large tree, light post, mountain, or tall building, energy is obstructed from entering the house. Depending on what direction this obstruction is in, it will have different effects on the residents.

Each direction is associated to a family member, certain body parts, or an aspect of your life. For example, the south is associated to the fire element, the young female or second daughter, the heart and eyes. If the south entrance is blocked by a tall black building, it can cause the second daughter of the household to suffer heart problems, eye inflammation or temper. The color black is associated to the water element. In accordance with the Five Element Theory, water defeats fire. Thus, this water element obstructing the south energy weakens those things associated to the fire element. In a case such as this, special mirrors can be used to deflect obstructing energies.

Similarly, on the inside there should be open spaces to either side of the door welcoming positive energy into the house and containing it. Avoid blocking the entrance with clutter or large furniture. As you enter, the space on the left hand side of the door is associated with the female residents' well-being, abilities, and the savings of the household. The right hand side is associated to the male residents’ well-being, abilities, and the generation of income into the household.

It is important that there is ample space on both sides of the door to contain the male and female energies and maintain balance. If the left or right hand side of the entrance interior is blocked by a wall, it can respectively cause saving money or making money to be difficult. It can also create imbalance in the primary relationship. A mirror placed on the blocking wall can be used to reflect the open space from the other side to create balance.

When walls block both sides of the entrance interior it creates a narrow space, which makes it difficult for energy to come into the house. Placing a mirror on the wall would only reflect the opposing wall and not necessarily create a sense of balanced space.  A mural or painting of a large room or open space, such as a meadow or lush open field, placed on either side of the entry provides a more powerful suggestion of space and energy.

In some cases, there is a wall immediately in front of the entrance as you walk in.  Obviously, this also prevents energy from coming into the house. Depending on the orientation and annual energies, certain elements can be implemented to improve energy flow.

The main entrance should not be directly aligned with staircases or back entrances that direct energy out of the house. It is important for the chi that enters to be able to gather and distribute throughout all of the rooms in the house so that everyone benefits. If your main door is aligned with the back door or a staircase, plants, screens, or chimes can be strategically placed to disperse the energy and prevent it from escaping.

Your front door is the primary way for the cosmic energies to enter your home. Every year, each of the eight directional energies change, becoming stronger or weaker. Placing special items at different entrances will either activate positive energies or neutralize negative energies. When you take care to see that the energy of the entrance is adjusted each year to interact positively with you and your loved ones, you create a promoting atmosphere in which to thrive.