Exposed ceiling beams over bedThe phone rings and I answer it. Before I could say a word, a woman introduces herself as Vicki and begins firing a series of questions at me: is it bad feng shui that her main door faces a stairway? What happens if there is a low ceiling in her living room? Do exposed beams in the master bedroom affect her feng shui?

I tell Vicki that in the feng shui analysis of a home, there are 130 factors involved, as well as each resident’s birth chart and personal energies. All of these interacting energies play a part in influencing the success, relationships, and health that can be experienced in the house.

When evaluating a house’s feng shui, being on site and personally meeting the residents allows for a more accurate analysis than via telephone. It is hard to address Vicki’s questions with any specificity over the phone. However, as long as there is an understanding that there are other aspects involved, I explain the general ideas behind her questions and the general solutions starting with her first question about stairways.

The staircase is a potentially dangerous place as every step protrudes out and one misstep can cause a fall or injury. The staircase connects the upper levels to the lower level and is a main circulation path of energy. When it is aligned to the front door, this can direct energy out of the house. How the household will be affected by this depends on the direction of staircase and front door. Base on the Five Elements and Flying Star, there are certain associations with the residents’ energy.  These affects can vary from money loss, lawsuit, accident, or adultery. If the door aligned to the staircase is seldom used, the effect is unactivated and has little effect on the residents.

There are several solutions that can improve the energy of a staircase. If in the phase of design or remodeling, one solution is to relocate the stairs. Crystals can be placed at the landing to compensate for energy loss. Wind chimes can be placed between the front door and the mouth of the stairs to absorb energy loss. Finally, one of the effective way to release the negative energy of an incorrectly oriented staircase is to use a charm empowered by an enlightened master of feng shui.

To answer Vicki’s question about ceilings, when a ceiling is too low, it can suppress the body’s life force. A person affected by this suppression tends to feel congested, dizzy, and unfocused, and will function as if they are half awake. In other instances, their body simply feels uncomfortable. I ask Vicki if she feels this way. She tells me that in the last three years that she has lived in her current house, she has been ill tempered, forgetful, and accident-prone. She is also anxious and unable to breathe deeply. I advise her to put a large mirror up on the wall to give the room a spacious feeling and to bring in more light. Making this adjustment, along with exercise, meditation, and a proper diet, can help relieve Vicki of this constriction.

Vicki’s third question is about exposed beams in the bedroom. Beams are load-bearing structures that radiate a suppressive energy frequency. A body part that is consistently exposed to the suppressed energy of a beam may experience stagnant chi. For instance, if you are lying in bed and a beam hangs over your feet, you may experience foot or ankle problems; if it hangs over your head, you may have headaches; if it hangs over your chest, you may have respiratory problems. Much of the effect an exposed beam has on a person depends on the strength of their personal chi. When a person is physically strong and healthy, they may not be affected as much.

Vicki tells me that when she is in bed, one of the beams directly aligns with the length of her body. She doesn’t sleep well and wakes up with stiff joints. I recommend that she move her bed out from under the beam, use crystals to enhance her personal energies, remove the beams, or cover them somehow. She also needs to take better care of her own health.

As I wrap up the phone call, I tell Vicki that when a person’s heart chakra radiates pure energies, generally bad things should not happen to them. If the heart chakra’s aura is dark or weak, it could have been lowered by the energies of the house, the planetary movements, the person’s lifestyle, or the energy of enemies who channel negative vibrations to them. The very best thing you can do to improve your situation in life is to maintain your health and cultivate strong, positive chi.