Framed mirror reflecting doorDear Master Liu,

I've been reading about feng shui for the past three years and it is still confusing to me.  I read that it is good to have a mirror in your living room facing the front door to attract and multiply the good things and push out bad energies.  Now I read that we should never have a mirror placed in front of the front door.  Can you explain to me what should I do?   - KL

It is easy to get confused about what feng shui adjustments to make with all the information out on feng shui these days.  When you have read several books, you will see that many tend to provide conflicting, incomplete, or generalized information without much explanation.

There are several factors that come into play before determining whether it is correct to place a mirror in your living room or not.  First of all, it is important that you take into consideration the elements that will be reflected.  What is reflected determines the effect of the mirror.

Placing a mirror in the living room to attract and multiply good things is effective if as you enter your front door into your living room, there is a solid wall to one side. This is because when you enter a house, it is best if there is open space to each side of the door to gather wealth energy.  The space to the right side as you walk in the door represents the energy of the males, their well-being, and the household’s ability to generate income.  The left side represents the energy of the females, their health, and the household’s ability to save income.  When there is a wall to one side of the door instead of a room, the energy is blocked and cannot gather.  This can cause money to either be hard to earn or hard to save, depending on if it is the right or left side that is blocked.

Hanging a mirror on a wall that is on either side of the door will reflect the openness of the other side, creating the illusion of open space on both sides of the door.  This makes it is easier for wealth to be both generated and saved.  With this in mind, before you place a mirror to the side of the front door, double check to see what it will be reflecting.  If there is a fireplace in the open area that would be reflected, a mirror would double the potential negative energy of the fireplace.  In this case, hanging a large painting or mural that depicts an open space should be used instead of a mirror to create a sense of balanced space.

Addressing the second part of the question, there are times when a mirror can be placed directly in front of the front door as you enter the house.  If you enter through the front door and a wall immediately confronts you, it prevents energy from entering and circulating throughout the house.  The wall is a block that you will constantly be walking into.  Because your body has an energy field that extends to a ten foot radius from your center, a wall can constantly confront your energy field, shake up your frequency, and cause instability.  Placing a mirror on the confrontational wall reflects light and creates a sense of openness that can minimize the negative effects.

A situation when you should avoid hanging a mirror on a wall directly in front of the front door is when there is a negative element across the street that would be reflected in the mirror.  In this case, you need to place a mirror on the outside of the house over the front door to deflect the element.  This mirror will be either convex or concave, depending on what is being deflected.  Convex mirrors are used for deflecting trees, poles, and protruding corners that point at your front door.  If a hill or tall building is in alignment with your front door, a concave mirror is used to create an upside down image of the offending element, thereby creating balance to dispell its energy.

There are many considerations and subtleties about your environment that books will not be able to address.  If you are serious about having the feng shui effectively adjusted for you and your family, it is best to consult an expert who can come on site and provide a personalized analysis and accurate recommendations.