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There are over 130 factors that make us who we are. Each of them is an energy force that influences our well-being and success in life. They can affect us at any given time and vary depending on our priorities, stage of life, way of life and our awareness. The more insight we can gain into ourselves from a larger perspective allows us to have a better understanding of who we are and what our life purpose is. The less unknowns or the more we can fill in the gaps of our knowledge, the better equipped we are to live a harmonious and progressive life.

These 130 factors (partially listed here) can be categorized into two types: predestined and adjustable. We have little control over the predestined factors that establish the foundation of our life. Adjustable factors can be changed and developed to promote our well-being. The important thing to understand is that everything is connected. Therefore, improving one factor, you are able to trigger a chain reaction that creates impetus for progress in corresponding areas of your life.

Predestined Factors:

  • Parent's Health
  • Genetic Heredity
  • Background
  • Inner Wisdom/Gifted
  • Inner Energy
  • Psychic Powers
  • Relatives
  • Birth Time/Zi Wei
  • Birth Place
  • Culture/Ethnicity
  • Childhood
  • Environment
  • Era/Trends
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Burial Grounds
  • Political Climate
  • Economy
  • Negative Energies
  • Nutrition/Diet/Fitness
  • Education

Adjustable Factors:

  • Career
  • Ability to Make a Living
  • Transportation
  • Place of Establishment
  • Fears/Phobias
  • Habits
  • Philosophy of Life
  • Religion
  • Morality
  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Spouse
  • Boss
  • Co-workers
  • Employees
  • Creativity
  • Motivation
  • Ambition
  • Endurance
  • Health

Feng shui makes up half of the 130 factors and is a powerful tool in affecting our lives.

There are over 65 factors to consider in feng shui that come together to affect your quality of life. These factors can be categorized into four concentric spheres of energies. Starting from you to your home or office, the exterior environment to the cosmic energies - all these energies are interconnected and constantly interact with each other. The goal is to have as many of the 65 factors as possible positively promoting your well-being.


You have a unique energy which flows through your body and is sensitive to your surroundings. This unique energy is also apparent in your personality, talents, career, education and background. Your birth chart can tell us about your energy and how your environment affects you.

Your Building

Every aspect of your office or home comes together to create a certain energy field that influences your health, your business and how you interact with others. Feng shui can tell you if your office or home contributes to your chronic ills, if you are successful at work, if you are prone to arguments or if your children are well-behaved. Feng shui helps adjust these energies to your benefit.


  • Shape
  • Proportions
  • Color
  • Material
  • Entries
  • Elevation
  • Windows
  • Roof
  • Pools/Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Address Number
  • Year built
  • Remodeling
  • History


Included in the analysis of each of the following spaces are: furniture placement, color/decoration/ art, ceiling height, exposed structure, windows/skylights, basement, air quality, sound quality, light quality, water quality, pets and temperature control.

  • Floor Plan
  • Doors
  • Office
  • Bedrooms
  • Room Shape/Size
  • Kitchen/Stove
  • Bathrooms/Toilets
  • Living Room/Family Room
  • Dining Room
  • Meditation Room
  • Recreation Room
  • Hallways
  • Staircases
  • Fireplace

Your Environment

Geomagnetic energy varies along the Earth's surface. Where a building sits on the land determines what kinds of energy it absorbs. A feng shui compass is used to evaluate how the energies -- hills, valleys, trees, high rises, streets -- in the eight directions interact with and affect your office or home.


  • Neighboring Buildings
  • Utility Poles
  • Earthquake Faults
  • Satellite Dish, Antennas
  • Broadcasting Stations
  • Streets, Alley Ways
  • Freeways
  • Drainage
  • Sewers
  • Land Fills
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Cemeteries
  • Easement
  • Zone


  • Location
  • Orientation
  • Plot Grade
  • Plot Shape
  • Neighboring Geography
  • Mountain Character
  • Water Ways/Bodies
  • Vegetation
  • Landscaping
  • Haunting/Curse

The Cosmic Forces

Our stability is regulated by planetary movements. As day turns into night, as the seasons change, we change. The ancient feng shui masters observed and studied these natural cycles. Their accurate charts and calendars help us understand the relationship between human behavior and celestial orbits.


  • Flying Nine Stars
  • Annual Cycles
  • 20-Year Periods