Two men in a small boat at dusk

″We are like fishermen.

In this life, we are given a boat and a fishing net. Some boats are big, some are small. Some fishermen spend their lives struggling in a river with no fish.

Feng shui teaches us how to select the right river.″

~Chi-Jen Liu,
Founder of Grand View Feng Shui

Rooted in our Grand View approach, Liu Feng Shui offers design and consultation services that empower you to live to your fullest potential. We aim to establish a respectful and trusting partnership with you, therefore your continuous education on feng shui is vital to us. We freely share our knowledge in confidential consultations and in the Learn section of this website.

Our Services at a Glance:

Mountain Path

Life Map

Let the Zi Wei Dou Shu birth chart guide you along life’s journey.

Closeup of a Polished Diamond


We specialize in custom feng shui design of homes, business spaces, business branding, and image makeovers.

Living Room Interior

Home Feng Shui

Discover how your home can start a chain reaction of positive effects on your health, family relationships, career, and income.

Business Signs on Busy Shopping Street in Tokyo


Create a unique environment that is purposeful, motivates teamwork, and enhances communication and success.

Lightning in Dark Sky

Mantra Power

Learn how to communicate with the universal forces of nature to create more balance and stability.