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"There are many ways to calm a negative energy... You recognize it, you smile to it, and you invite some­thing nicer to come up and replace it."

~Thich Nhat Hanh,
Zen Buddhist Monk

The Liu Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony spiritualizes your space and transforms the energy of your home, office, and belongings into a harmonious and healing environment, like a sanctuary. If you suspect that your environment holds the energy of traumatic occurrences or hauntings, a clearing ceremony is performed to release them. Once the space is cleared, a blessing ceremony imbues your space with positive affirmations.

During a blessing ceremony, we work on a high level of energy that goes beyond physical dimensions. Blessing ceremonies are an important component of feng shui and often done in conjunction with making feng shui adjustments. Physical adjustments of furniture, colors, art, and special activators (crystals, plants, fountains) can be limited in their ability to modify the higher dimensions of energies in a space, so a blessing is crucial in attaining true transformation. Please see below for our two-step process of clearing and blessing:

    1. Clearing

      A clearing ceremony releases negative energy fields that exist in a room, home, office, or outdoor space.

      A palpable negative presence is usually known as a haunting. Just as traumatic past experiences can haunt us when the energy is imprinted in us as cellular memory, a haunting is when the energy of past experiences is imprinted in the environment or on an object. If past traumas are left unhealed, they create a barrier that prevents us from growing and evolving. When a spirit cannot move on, a memory of its energy plays over and over in a space or in an object within the space like a recording and creates an obstacle which disrupts the current inhabitants of the space. Physical feng shui adjustments alone cannot modify this type of energy field and it may take several clearings to fully release the negative energy. 

      Types of traumatic events, intense emotions, or entities that can haunt a space include:

      • Bankruptcy or foreclosure of prior owner(s)
      • Prior death from homicide, suicide, violence, abuse, illness, miscarriage, accident
      • Crime or prior criminal residence
      • Divorce or separation (to remove residual energies of partner)
      • Grief, jealousy, ill-wishes/curses
      • Unresolved issues or incomplete promises
      • Intense fear
      • Deceased animals
      • Lost souls

  1. Blessing

    In all corners of the world and throughout history, ancient ceremonies have been performed to garner specific energies into a space. A Liu Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony imprints positive energy into a space through intention and channelling of divine frequencies. Much like fertilizing land to be fruitful or adding music to a movie to enhance the meaning, the purpose of a blessing is to infuse a space or an object with a powerful surge of celebratory and supportive energy to bring forth nourishing life, meaning, depth, and growth.

    With over four generations of experience, Liu Feng Shui has developed a highly effective form of blessing ceremony that incorporates traditional Taoist methods along with understanding you and your situation. Blessings can be made to support anything, from happiness, health, and wealth, to guidance, protection, and fame, and are catered to your life priorities and circumstances. Your participation during the ceremony integrates your personal energies into the blessing for maximum effect.

Blessing Fees*

*A set of custom mantra charms is prepared for each ceremony.

  • House Blessing Ceremony $2.00 per sqft
  • Grand Opening Blessing or Public Event Blessing$3.00 per sqft
  • Vehicle Blessing$688 per vehicle
  • Statue Blessing or Jewelry Blessing$300 per statue or jewelry
  • Travel Fee$100 per hour (each way)
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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