Closeup of a Diverse Selection of Fruits

The Liu Feng Shui Blessing Ceremony

Each blessing ceremony is customized according to the purpose and event.  Here is a general sequence of rituals that we deem most important when conducting a ceremony:

  1. Selecting an auspicious date and time, when the planets are aligned to promote you, based on your birth date and time. We ask you about the purpose of your ceremony and any special wishes you would like incorporated into the invocation and mantra charms. You invite the key participants to attend your blessing ceremony.
  2. At the start of the blessing ceremony, we set up the offering table (see below) and explain the symbolic meanings of the food  items and blessing tools. This special offering invites and thanks the energies of Mother Earth and the spiritual world.
  3. The invocation is read and we present the customized set of mantra charms created to prolong the positive effects of the blessing beyond the ceremony.
  4. The blessing tools and offering items are empowered. Sandalwood incense is lit and a purification bell is chimed. We prepare the holy water used during the blessing ceremony.
  5. We perform focused meditations, including mantra chants and mudras (hand seals). The participants echo the mantra chants while they are being blessed.
  6. We invite the participants to follow us throughout the entire space - interior and exterior. This involves chanting, chiming, spraying of holy water, and placing mantra charms in specific rooms.
  7. To close the blessing ceremony, we return to the offering table and give thanks. The incense ash is analyzed and interpreted. Wine is poured at the entry to seal the positive energies.

Bell on a TableIncense and Fruit on Offering Table

Offering Table

Please prepare the following items on a large table near the entry:

  • 2 Pineapples
  • 12 Oranges
  • 8 Red apples
  • 1 Layered round cake
  • 1 Plate of round cookies
  • 1 Bowl of cooked rice
  • 1 Whole cooked chicken or duck (not cut)*
  • 1 Whole cooked fish (not cut)*
  • 1 Bottle of red wine *
  • Bouquet of symbolic flowers
  • For large ceremonies, add 1 whole cooked pig (not cut)*

* Vegan alternatives can be used instead of meat and non-alcoholic red fruit juice can substitute for red wine.

Blessing Fees*

*A set of custom mantra charms is prepared for each ceremony.

  • House Blessing Ceremony $2.00 per sqft
  • Grand Opening Blessing or Public Event Blessing$3.00 per sqft
  • Vehicle Blessing$688 per vehicle
  • Statue Blessing or Jewelry Blessing$300 per statue or jewelry
  • Travel Fee$100 per hour (each way)
    No Travel Fee within 15 mile
    radius of San Marino, CA
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